Bigg Boss 10 15th January 2017 Written Update Episode

Bigg Boss 10 15th January 2017 Written Update Episode on

The Serial starts with the weekend ka vaar show in which the Bollywood Actor Govinda will come into the show. He will make a fun with Salman Khan by recalling the dialogue of Partner movie, whether he inhale or exhale during to kiss a girl. Salman laughs and jokes that now you got the big experience of this. Govinda laughs very badly. Krishna will also come there just to entertain people. Salman Khan will call Bigg Boss 10 house inmates.

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Here Monalisa and Manu are talking to each other. Manu says to Monalisa that Manveer got changed from last 15 days, he was showing his strange behavior because he is getting footage every time. Even though he shows his attitude from last some time. But I am not a mute man. So that I will say everything to everyone whatever I feel for anyone. But I never do back bitching and I won’t be. So this is Manu Punjabi. Monalisa smiles and says that you are right Manu.

Here Govinda says to Salman Khan that you are my best friend and you can do everything for me. Even though, we have supported each other a lot in PARTNER movie. After some time, Govinda is entertaining people a lot and says that when I was writing songs for my film. But when I was writing the first song, I met Salman Khan and I wrote some heart touching lines which are dedicated to Salman Khan. Even though, they are doing a lot.

Bigg Boss 10 15th January 2017 Written Update:

Govinda asks BB 10 house inmates to roll the tough before you talk or walk. Bani and all other people will start to do this and laughs. Even though, Monalisa rolls her tough and cries. Suddenly, she laughs. There will be a task in which all the contestants will be wearing heavy costumes and then starts to do fight with each other. Salman Khan asks Lopa Mudra about their planning during Solar System Task? Lopa will reply that my shoe laces were open and Bani hinted Manveer to push me out from the task. Bani says I never hinted Manveer. Rohan, Lopa, and Bani are getting into controversy. Read more-> Bigg Boss 10 16th January 2017 written update

Salman Khan says Aunty No. 1, Biwi No. 1, Beti No. 1, and Jodi No. 1.  Salman Khan says that Govinda did these movies and he never does number 2 work. Everybody laughs. After this, Salman Khan asks all the contestants to give some title to each other. So that, a title “Rondu No. 1” goes to Monalisa given by Lopa to her. Here Manu dedicates one title to Rohan Mehra and that is “Selfish No. 1.” Manu elaborates his answer that Manveer dedicates this title to Rohan and the title is “Bachkana No. 1.” Mona gives Joddi No 1 title to Lopa Mudra. Rohan gives a title “tilli No. 1″ to Manu. Everybody laughs. Now Bani gives a ‘Pakao No. 1” title to yourself. At last, Govinda gives his best wishes to all the contestants of the Bigg Boss 10 house.

Bigg Boss 10 15th Jan 2017 Written Episode:

After some time, Bharti is also coming there on the grand stage of Bigg Boss 10 where Salman Khan, Govinda, and Krishna are making a fun with each other. They entertained all people a lot. Krishna’s jokes, Govinda’s dialogues, Salman Khan funny moves entertain all people a lot. But when Bharti comes there, she joins them in making a fun and entertainment. Salman Khan says to all contenders that I am sending someone inside the home. All people are getting so much excited. Bharti is going inside the house and then makes a fun there.

She is acting a palm reader and she can read everybody’s hand. She says to Monalisa that your career will only in dance. So can you please show me your dance here. Monalisa says yes. Bharti asks Bigg Boss to play a song. Then, Bigg Boss plays a song and Monalisa dances on the song. Everybody claps and then Bharti calls Manveer near to her whereas Bharti says him that I am your big fan and it’s common that you will be getting a star soon. Manveer laughs. Bharti says him to kiss her now. Manveer kisses her, Bharti dances in happiness.

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