Bigg Boss 10 16th December 2016 Written Update Episode

Bigg Boss 10 16th December 2016 Written Update Episode on

The Serial starts with the scene in which all the contestants are getting wake up. Swami asks Monalisa that where is Manveer. Manveer says that don’t take my name and let me enjoy the morning rime without any controversy.

Bani, Manveer, and Nitibha are talking to each other. Bani says that why you left that ring. Manveer says that her nails are so long and they were hurting me. Bani says yes, you are saying right. Her nails are hurting me also. I also did two tasks with her. Manveer says that see Nitibha is also a boy type girl and we called her as Delhi Ka Maal. Bani laughs and asks what is this Delhi Ka Maal. Manveer says that I didn’t like her in the first 4 weeks of the show. Bani says that don’t worry, she didn’t like you too. Manveer and Nitibha are smiling a lot.

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After some time, Bani and Gaurav are talking to each other. Gaurav is buttering her. Bani says that I just want to go home now even I am getting tired here. Gaurav says that how will I spend time here without you. Bani says that what are you saying? See what Gaurav Chopra is saying? Bani says him to repeat the line. Gaurav says that I won’t spend time in Bigg Boss house with you. All over my Bigg Boss journey will be incomplete

Bigg Boss 10 16th December 2016 Written Update Episode:

Bigg Boss makes an announcement that Lopa Mudra is the new captain of this house and she may handle his all captain responsibilities from now onwards. Lopa is jumping in the happiness and then all people congratulates her. After that, Rahul says to Manveer that, you are becoming the winner by losing this game. Manveer smiles.

After that, Bigg Boss asks Lopa about those five contestants whom you want to punish them and you also have to give reasons behind this. Lopa takes five names such as Swami OM ji, Manveer, Priyanka, Gaurav Chopra, and Nitibha. Lopa says that I am giving Nitibha’s name because she understands that why am I taking Nitibha’s name. She is understanding and my friend too.

Priyanka says to Lopa Mudra that just see whenever my time will come, I will show you the real enemy face. You just wait and watch. Even you just pray to god that my time won’t come. Otherwise, you will be getting scared to see my real face. After this, Priyanka says to Lopa Mudra that you are not beautiful and I was trying to show that how ugly you are by throwing water on your face. Priyanka says that ‘Tum Makeup ki Dukaan ho, Feeka Pakwan Ho.’ Rohan says to Priyanka that why are you giving personal comments. Priyanka is not ready to stop herself. Rahul is also supporting Rohan.

After that, Lopa says that I am the winner and won the show by getting 1.2 billion people votes. So that I know very well that how beautiful I am. Even Salman Khan told me that I am seeing so beautiful one day. Lopa added that you are not able to stand in the auditions. ok So just leave this matter and you don’t exist from my side.

Bigg Boss says that Lopa punished you but Bigg Boss is giving you an opportunity to convert this punishment into the gift. Therefore, Bigg Boss can change the punishment into the gifts. Bigg Boss says that one of the box is getting up from your cylinder, if you will catch the box then you will get your gift. Finally, Swami and all other people are getting excited to see this task. Nitibha gets a gift and that is hand written letter of Nitibha’s mother. She is getting so happy to see this. Click here- > Bigg Boss 10 15th December 2016 written update

After this, Gaurav gets a box and get a chit from Bigg Boss. He asks Gaurav that with who you will go on the date? Gaurav says that as a friend, I want to go with Bani on this date. Bani is getting so happy and she jumps into the happiness. After this Swami gets a box and he missed that box. After this, Bani gets a box an comes to know that a video message is coming from her home. Bani is getting upset but this gift. Now it’s Priyanka’s turn and she is waiting for her gift. After some time, Priyanka gets a box and gets a message too. The message is like Priyanka will transfer her punishment to another one except Lopa Mudra.

Bigg Boss 10 16th December 2016 Written Update Episode:

After sometime, Bigg Boss says to Lopa, Swami, and Bani to follow Lopa Mudra, the captain’s order. Bani is going near to Lopa Mudra and says that I won’t go with Swami because he told me so many wrong words like my mother will get die. His lines are making a deep place into my heart. So that I won’t spend a single second with this man. Bani is saying a lot of sorry’s to Lopa. Finally, Lopa sends Priyanka and Swami into the jail. Finally, Priyanka and Swami are coming into the jail where Priyanka is enjoying by saying that hey dude we are in the jail. After some time, Gaurav, Bani, Manveer, Manu, and other people are coming outside to give food to Swami and Priyanka. Swami says that I will eat food when Lopa will say sorry to me. Lopa says that I won’t say sorry if I didnt make a mistake. Swami throws the food outside the jail. A big controversy happen amid Lopa and Swami ji. Manu says to Lopa that he is 60 years old and he wants only sorry, if you will say sorry to him then what else happen to you. Lopa says nothing but if I didn’t make a mistake then I won’t say sorry. In the night time around 2 am, Lopa is crying a lot. Rahul Dev is coming there and makes her understand the situation that she is a captain an dshe never get weak. After some time, Bigg Boss orders to Lopa to release out Priyanka and Swami out of the jail because their punishment time is now getting over.

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