Bigg Boss 10 16th January 2017 Written Update Episode

Bigg Boss 10 16th January 2017 Written Update Episode on

The Serial starts with Bigg Boss make an announcement for nomination task. This time, nomination task is getting so harder and harder for the inmates of Bigg Boss season 10 house. In this task, all the contestants are getting a parcel from their house. But all the contestants gets each other’s parcel. Now the task is, if someone wants to nominate himself/herself then they gives the parcel to the parcel owner.

But if they won’t nominate themselves then, they have to throw that parcel in the fire. This task will be getting more emotional and difficult for all the contestants because this task is somewhere related to the family. Monalisa will be getting more emotional during this task and hence cries a lot.

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Bigg Boss 10 16th January 2017 Written Update:

In this task, Manveer and Rohan are becoming dictators of this game because Monalisa is crying a lot and she locks herself in the bathroom. Lopa Mudra asks Monalisa what happened? Is everything alright? After some time, Monalisa is coming outside. Lopa asks what happened? Bani is coming outside. She goes there where Manveer and Rohan are present. Bani says Lopa told me that you will burn my parcel but I want to see once. But I told her

After some time, Bani asks Monalisa why are you crying? Monalisa says I am feeling so attached with this parcel. Bani says it’s ok  and this is just a game which you have to play here. Bani is giving an emotional support to her. After to come outside, Manu teaches Monalisa to throw parcel in the fire instead to deliver it. After so many efforts, Monalisa nominate herself by delivering the parcel to Manu which makes Manu angry. MONALISA GETS NOMINATED.

But after that, Monalisa is crying a lot and all people are giving an emotional support to her. Manu says to Monalisa that I won’t leave you alone and I will nominate myself too. Manu is having Bani’s parcel and then Bani says him to burn her parcel. But all people decides to nominate themselves just like Monalisa. But Bani is not supporting them. She says that if Lopa pleads her to deliver her parcel then I will do this. Now it’s a turn of the second one contestant.

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It’s Bani’s turn. She is going in front of each other. She throws Lopa’s parcel in the fire. Finally, BANI IS SAFE. But Lopa starts to cry because her sister was sending a letter to her but Bani threw it in fire. Bani makes herself safe for the nominations. After some time, Bani is talking to Manu that Monalisa is so soft hearted girl and that’s why she needs her parcel but let see what will Lopa do with her because Lopa is having Monalisa’s parcel. 

Bigg Boss 10 16th Jan 2017 Written Episode:

After some time, Lopa Mudra is coming outside and throws Monalisa’s parcel in the fire and saves herself. LOPA MUDRA IS SAFE. 

Now Manu is coming there and throws Bani’s parcel in the fire. MANU IS SAFE. But Monalisa is crying is a lot. Even though Lopa is also sad after to do this because she feels bad to see crying face of Monalisa. But she made herself safe. Monalisa is missing her boyfriend very badly and cries a lot. She says “You and Me are always together.” Manu and other people are giving an emotional support to her. Here Lopa is going outside and try to see her letter on the burner. Fortunately, she sees her letter inside the burner, she reads out it and then Bigg Boss scolds Rohan by saying that you are a dictator of this task and you are supporting Lopa in this task. Rohan says sorry. Bigg Boss is not giving any punishment to them. 

Nominated Contestants of this week are:-


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