Bigg Boss 10 18th December 2016 Written Update Episode

Bigg Boss 10 18th December 2016 Written Update Episode on

The Serial starts with the scene in which the Salman Khan is coming on the stage with his fabulous dance ‘Baby ko Base Pasand Hai.’ He is dancing with Shivangi on the stage. She is looking so hot by wearing a black saree. So that Salman Khan is doing a flirt with her. Salman Khan and Mouni roy are spending some funny moments on the stage.

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After this, Salman Khan makes an announcement that, Manveer and Bani are safe in this week. But one person will definitely go from here. After this, Salman Khan welcomes all the celebrities of Colors Channel family such as Mouni Roy, Ada Khan, Rubina Dilaik, Karanvir Bohra, and much more. Out of this, the Mouni Roy aka Shivaagi from Naagin 2 serial is performing a dance which is so stunning and attractive. After this, Soumya aka Rubina Dilaik is saying to Salman that I will ask you some question about the shows.

Salman laughs a lot and then says that I will call my mom and she will give an answer to you about the show. All people laughs. After that, all people are going inside the home where Swami OM can do naagin dance with Ada Khan very nicely. Bani and Gaurav are also performing a play. Click here-> Bigg Boss 10 17th December 2016 written update. In this play, Lopa is becoming a vamp who killed Gaurav who is Bani’s husband in the play. This play was dictated by the Rubina Dilaik. Karanvir is handling rolling camera action. He is looking so energetic.

The play starts now in which Gaurav is asking to Bani that I am getting late and I want my coffee fast. Bani is making a tea and then says wait, I am coming there. Here vamp Lopa is coming in the kitchen and says that I will add poison in this coffee and you won’t save your Gaurav now onwards. Here Bani brings a coffee for him. Gaurav romances Bani and says that I am thinking that I won’t go office. Bani laughs, Gaurav takes a tea and getting faint. Bani is crying and says that I have t save my husband. Please, some one save my husband. The task is going on fabulous. All people claps for them.

Bigg Boss 10 18th December 2016 Written Update Episode:

After this, Chakor is coming in front of everyone by saying that now you people will do a task for us. For doing this task. The three boys will get tie by bungee jumping rope and you three will get tie together too. With them, three girls will get tie. Apart from this, Lopa is a dictator of this task. After this, task is going on where Manu, Manveer, and Rohan are starting to perform a task whereas Soumya, Chakor, and Adaa Khan are performing wwith these three boys. At last, Rohan becomes the winner of this task. In between, Priyanka Jagga is getting into controversy with Lopa Mudra suddenly. After this, Rohan is going on the date with Soumy aka Rubina Dilaik.

After this, all colors family members are dancing on the song ‘Mainu Kala Chashma Jhachda Ae Jhachda Ae Gore Mukhade Pe.’ Salman Khan asks Rocky that how do you feel to see Bigg Boss house from inside and outside. Rocky says that I enjoyed a lot there and I know it’s difficult to stay inside the home. But we enjoyed there. After this, Salman sends all people to sit down except Chakor and Suraj. Salman says to Chakor and Suraj that you have to go inside the witness box.

He can ask some questions to them just to make fun. After this, Salman Khan teaches Suraj how to impress a girl. Salman Khan says to Chakor that,’Manne Laage Hain Ladki English Me Jaldi Pate Hai Aur Phir Sidha Kiss Hove Hai.’ Chakor gets shy to look into Salman Khan’s eyes. After this, Suraj is doing the same. The moment is getting so exciting. After this Mouni Roy is romancing Salman in front of all people.

Bigg Boss 10 18th December 2016 Written Update Episode:

Now Salman is doing a play with all colors family members in which Salman Khan is becoming Prem. So that, Salman as Prem says to Rocky that you will give money to him. Suddenly, Soumya is coming there and calling Prem, Prem, Prem. He asks what? Soumya says that Bigg Boss is calling me there. So that I will go there. Shivangi and Shesha are coming there as Naagin. They are saying that why are you going there. You won’t go there. Rocky says to Shivangi that what happened? Why will Soumya not going there. Salman and all other people are doing this very funny play which entertains the viewers very badly. All are laughing a lot. After this, Salman Khan promotes the new show ‘Ek Shringhaar- Swabhimaan.’ This show will be coming on Colors from Monday to Friday at 9:30 pm. After this, those people take selfie with Salman Khan.

 After this, Salman Khan talks to all people about the nominations of this week. All people are getting tensed to think about the elimination. Salman Khan says that I am giving some names and those will go and sit in an acitivity area. He announces that Guarav will go outside and sits on the villain chair. After this, Salman Khan asks, Is Gaurav Diplomatic. All people are voting for him that he is diplomatic. Second statement, Gaurav’s friendship is only convincing friendship for Bani. Everybody says yes. Third statement is Gaurav always saves him. Everybody says yes. Now the last statement is Gaurav gets scared from Priyanka Jagga. Five peopls says yes. A big baloon of water is bursts out on Gaurav and he is getting wet very badly.

Now the second person who will sit on Villain chair. Swami says I am suffered by fever. Salman Khan says that Priyanka Jagga is sitting on the villain chair. First statement, Priyanka gets jealous by M3? Five people says yes. A big water balloon bursts out on Priyanka. Second statement, Priyanka is getting into controversy with Rohan every time intensionally. Everybody says yes. Third statement, Priyanka is trying to influence Manveer? Everybody says yes. A big ballon is getting bursts out on Priyanka again. She is getting wet very badly.

Three nominations of the week are: 


Salman Khan is asking to all people that who will go outside without any questions. Most of the people are saying that Nitibha will go from this house.

Finally, Rahul Dev is getting eliminated from the show. Lopa is crying a lot. Rohan and Gaurav Chopra are giving an emotional support to Lopa for this.

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