Bigg Boss 10 19th January 2017 Written Update Episode

Bigg Boss 10 19th January 2017 Written Update Episode on

The Serial starts with the scene with the morning time, when Manveer, Bani, and Manu are working in the kitchen when Manu says to Manveer that Monalisa last two episodes are focussing only on Monalisa and that’s why she will get more votes. Even I am sure about this. One day will come when Monalisa will get more votes as compared to me and I will go out from the house.

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After sometime, Bigg Boss is giving a task to all people. All people are coming outside and then starts to do a task. Still, Manveer, Manu, and Lopa are doing a task. Bani, Rohan, and Monalisa are left around. Bigg Boss says them to trouble these three people who are doing task there. Bani is throwing water, ice-cubes, and curd on them. Bani is troubling Lopa very badly.

Bigg Boss 10 19th January 2017 Written Update:

They are getting into controversy too. After some time, Manu’s hand is getting slipped and then Manu is getting out from the task. Rohan is throwing a conditioner on Manveer’s head. Here Bani is applying conditioner on Lopa’s hairs just to trouble her more. Suddenly, Lopa’s hand is getting slipped down and then she is also going out from the task. Manveer is still at his position.

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Bani and Rohan Mehra are throwing a chilled-water, ice-cube, oil, and so many things on Manveer just to make his hand slip but he is catching the pole very tightly. He is shivering because of cold water and ice-cubes. Even though, Bani is flowing some air towards him. Manveer’s body is getting freeze but he is still at his position without to do give up. Manu and Monalisa are getting emotional to see bad condition of Manveer. Manveer is saying only one word and that is, Mahadev save me today.

Bigg Boss 10 19th Jan 2017 Written Episode:

After some time, Manu says to all that we are having so many things to do, if Bani and Rohan Mehra will do the same task. We won’t leave them. Rohan says Manu never appreciates us. Manu replies that what are you expecting that I will appreciate you for this? Really? Is this a task to appreciate? Rohan says I am also not happy but this is just a task which was given by Bigg Boss to us. So that we are doing this. After sometime, Bigg Boss says now the time has over for this task. Finally, Manveer wins the task amid Manu and Lopa Mudra.

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