Bigg Boss 10 1st January 2017 Written Update Episode

Bigg Boss 10 1st January 2017 Written Update Episode on

The Serial starts with the scene in which the all the contestants are getting wakes up and then coming in the kitchen for doing their breakfast. After some time, Bani and Gaurav are getting into the controversy on the small topic that is coffee. Here Salman Khan says that now we will be going to talk to all people via JIO TV. Salman Khan gives a lot of best wishes to all people of the Bigg Boss house. After this, Salman Khan says that only three people are nominated this week named as- MONALISA, BANI, and GAURAV. But results will be releasing out soon.

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Bollywood Actor Salman Khan is talking to all the contestants of Bigg Boss 10 house via JIO TV. He asks Rohan that have you shoved Swami ji during the flower bed task. Before Rohan reply anything to Salman Khan. Swami ji interrupts Salman by saying that he didn’t shove me, he slapped me on that day. Swami says I was slapped and I was about to get die on that day. Salman Khan is getting angry and says to Swami that I will slap you Swami ji now and I will never talk to you again in this show. So that Manveer says that Gaurav was doing all this just because he doesn’t have anyone else in the home. Salman Khan says I will announce elimination this time.

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Bigg Boss 10 1st January 2017 Written Update Episode:

After some time, Salman Khan says to Gaurav that if I am giving you one chance to ask a question then with whom you will ask that question? Gaurav says that I want to a question to Manveer only. He asks Manveer that why are you saying all this to Bani that she never interrupt in between any other people when they were fighting with each other. Manveer is giving an answer to Gaurav that you don’t worry, I will see this. Gaurav says that I didn’t want anything from you. After this, Salman Khan says to Manveer that why were you not happy with the answers of Bani and Gaurav when they were going live before some time. Gaurav says that they didn’t give any reply that time which are satisfactory. They were giving unsatisfied answer and that’s why we were getting unhappy with answer of Bani and Gaurav. Salman Khan says that are you coming here to get satisfied answers. Everybody laughs. Salman Khan says that now I will talk to you after some time. He says that last week, Bigg Boss conducted an igloo task and he shows  some small clips of this task. After this, Salman Khan is coming back and asks al people that who were getting injured by an igloo task. Swami says that they were making a plan to kill me. They were plotting an evil plan to kill me. Salman Khan says that, there are more than 100 camera’s in the home then how anyone is planning to kill you.

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Bigg Boss 10 1st January 2017 Written Update Episode:

After some time, all people are getting shocked to hear Swami OM Ji’s statement that he is saying that if I did toilet on Rohan then he was running inside the bathroom. But I didn’t do that. Salman Khan gets shocked and asks what are you saying this? Swami says that I am just giving an example that if I did this then what was happened to him? Salman Khan says to Swami to keep quiet and put your finger on your lips here. Salman Khan is talking to all people about an igloo dance or

Dayandra Soras and Amir Alia. Dayandra says that I like Lopa but now I started to like Manveer. Salman Khan says wow. After this, he asks Aamir who is your favorite? He replies that I like Manveer in this house because he is taking his own stand according to the time. They all are talking to each other about Bani, Rohan, and Manveer. After some time, Salman Khan asks Dayandra that you shared a room with Bani. She replies yes, I shared a room with Manveer

Dayandra says I considered Lopa, Manveer, and Bani for the top 3 finalists. So that Amir is also saying the same man. Salman laughs and says that really, you are thinking so. They are replying yes. Salman Khan says bye to them and says that now the Appy Fizz Caller is asking a question to Nitibha. In the last, Salman Khan says that nobody is getting eliminated this week. All the contestants are getting so happy to see this. In the last, Bigg Boss calls Bani and Gaurav in the confession room and informs them about an elimination of the Gaurav for always from this show. Bani and all other people are getting so upset because of Gaurav’s elimination.

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    bb this Is wrong Mona ko km vote mile….
    the gaurav is deserving….usko kyun nikala….
    bani and gaurav are my favorite…

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