Bigg Boss 10 20th November 2016 Written Update Episode- Alia Bhatt Special- Double Eviction

Bigg Boss 10 20th November 2016 Written Update Episode- Alia Bhatt Special- Double Eviction on

The Colors Channel most famous reality show Bigg Boss 10 bring a Bollywood Actress Alia Bhatt in the show. She is looking awesome and beautiful too. Alia Bhatt is coming to the Bigg Boss 10 just to promote her upcoming movie ‘Dear Zindagi.’ Salman Khan appreciates her beauty and makes some fun with her by doing some mimicry roles of Shahrukh Khan. Alia laughs a lot.

Salman Khan asking Alia, do you watch Bigg Boss 10? She says yes I was watching this show daily. But from last some time, I was outside. But I am trying to catch all episode which I missed out. Salman Khan says ok and Salman Khan says to Alia to go inside the home and meets with all contestants. Alia Bhatt is coming inside the home whereas all the contestants are getting so much excited to see her there.

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Bigg Boss 10 20th November 2016 Written Update Episode:

Actually, Alia is giving one task to all like she gives something to the boys and they have to make some Shayari for Alia. For that, all boys made shayari’s for her. Manveer is doing flirt with Alia by saying a fantastic Shayari for her. Alia looks shy after to hear Manveer’s lines.She likes Manu’s shayari. She also added that she likes Manu more in this house. All over Manu is Alia’s favourite. After this, Alis conducting kabbadi game amid Rohan Mehra and Manu. She tells Manu to call any of the contestant, who will team up with him.

At last, Rohan is getting defeated by the Manu. Alia makes an announcement that Manu is a winner. She says that I have a gesture for you and that is, Manu’s mom recorded line are going on to the speakers. Manu is getting so happy and he says to Alia that your movie will do 500 cr. business at box office. After this, Alia is going from there.

After that, she is coming on the stage. Salman Khan is making a fun with Alia and she laughs a lot. She says to Salman to sing a song for her and that is ‘Jagg Ghumiya Thare Jaisa Na Koi.’ Alia is feeling so special and happy too. She is also playing a game with Salman Khan. In the last, she says that my movie “Dear Zindagi” will be going to release on 25th November 2016. So you guys will watch out this movie. Dear Zindagi Starring Shahrukh Khan also.

Bigg Boss 10 20th November 2016 Written Update:

After this, Salman Khan is ready to announce an elimination of this week. Salman Khan is talking to Rohan Mehra. The person who sits on this chair will get slap by the Bigg Boss.Secondly, Bani is sitting on the chair. As we know, this week brings a double eviction. So that’s why Karan Mehra got eliminated on Saturday and now Monalisa, Rahul Dev, and Lokesh are left. Finally, Lokesh is getting eliminated from the show.

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