Bigg Boss 10 21st November 2016 Written Update Episode- Sunny Leone Nominations Special

Bigg Boss 10 21st November 2016 Written Update Episode- Sunny Leone Nominations Special on

The Colors channel brings a Bigg Boss 10 brings out a scene in which all the Monu, Manveer, and Monalisa are talking to each other about the nominations. Manu says that only nominations make scared very badly because I know this show design a career of a common man. So that I have to stay here so carefully.

Monalisa laughs a lot and says that I don’t take any problem but when Friday comes then I get scared little. Manveer is sitting silent there and only hears their words. After some time, Swami ji, Rohan, and Nitibha are coming there. Manu and Swami are getting on controversy very badly.

In between, Rohan says to Swami that you have to give a punishment to Manu now. All the contestants are getting wake up and then songs plays on,’Sarkailo, Khatiya, Jaada lage, Sarkailo Takiya Jada Lage, Jaade Me Balma Pyara Lage.’ After this, Bani and Rohan are coming there in the kitchen. Rohan says we have to make oats too. Guruji is coming there and then says to Bani that I want bread too.

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Bani says that bread includes in the luxury budget then you doesn’t eat this. Swami says that ok no problem, I will eat oats too. Gaurav is coming there and talks to Bani about the breakfast. After the breakfast, Bani and Gaurav are sitting together and laughs a lot. On the other side, Manu and Manveer are also making a fun.

Bigg Boss 10 21st November 2016 Written Update Episode:

The Contestants are sitting in the hall room. Bigg Boss says that it’s a time for nominations. But this time, a procedure is different from some last weeks. This time, a most famous and sizzling personality is coming here who will tell you the complete procedure of this week nomination. She is coming on the big screen and tells to everyone that you people will make some sizzling, awesome and best video which will be getting viral within a second.

All people are getting excited to make a video. Swami says that I considered that moment also when Monalisa kissed me. That video will be getting viral soon. I think so. Here Rohan, Manveer, Manu, and all other contestants are getting busy in making their videos. Finally, two teams are made of, one is of Bani Team having members like Nitibha, Bani, Gaurav, Manveer, and Rahul Bose. The second team is of Lopa Mudra which is having a members likes  Monalisa, Manu, Rohan, and Swami Ji.

Finally, Manu and Monalisa are planning to make a video in which they capture the first night of Manu and Monalisa. On the other side, Another team show the  first night of Rahul Dev and Gaurav Chopra. Bigg Boss cancel these video by saying that, this is a family show. So you people won’t make such type of videos.

Bigg Boss 10 21st November 2016 Written Update:

After this, Bigg Boss shows the first video set up where the Swami om ji, Manu and Rohan are making a video. On the other side, Bani, Gaurav, and Manveer are playing a role. At first stage, Bani defeats Lopa’s teams. Now Bigg Boss shows the second video set up. In which Rahul is doing a pole dance, Gaurav and Nitibha are also in this video. From another team, Lopa is doing a pole dance on the song,’Hot Summer Upar Se Tu Bhi Hot.’

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