Bigg Boss 10 22nd January 2017 Written Update Episode

Bigg Boss 10 22nd January 2017 Written Update Episode- SRK & Sunny Leone Special on

The show will start with the scene in which Salman Khan welcomes SRK urf Shahrukh Khan on the grand stage of Bigg Boss 10 show where they make a lot of fun by dictating the most fabulous dialogues of Raees Movie of Shahrukh Khan which will be going to release out on 25th January 2017. After some time, Salman Khan is calling one of the most beautiful and sexiest actress of Bollywood named as Sunny Leone is also coming there.

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Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan are coming on the stage and dances on the Raees Movie song i.e,”Udi Udi Jaaye Dil Ki Patang Udi Udi Jaaye, Mujhko Pehchaan Lo Main Hun Kon, Saath Aasma Jeele, Khoon Me Tere Mitti, Mitti Me Tera Khoon.” There are a lot of songs are playing behind them. Both are dancing very nicely. Now Salman Khan is introducing his good friend Shahrukh Khan and welcomes him. After this, SRK and Salman Khan are promoting an upcoming film of SRK and that is, RAEES which will release out on 25th January 2017.

After this, SRK is requesting Salman to watch out RAEES premiere with him. Salman Khan accepted his request and gets ready to watch Raees premiere. So that SRK and Sallu are asking some funny questions to the audiences. All people are making a fun with them. Now it’s a time of SRK. Sallu asks him about his favourite vegetable, favourite villain, favorite punishment, favorite drink, favorite profession, favorite dance step, favorite country, favorite  TV show, favorite Pet, who make food for him, who punished you in the school, and much more.

SRK replies that my favorite villain is Shakaal, favorite vegetable is gobhi, favorite drink is jaljeera, favorite pet is pomeranian, favorite punishment is dandh bethak, favorite dance step is thoomka, favorite country is Uganda, favorite show is Naagin, Ramu kaka make food for him, and his Hindi teacher always punished him in the school. Everybody laughs.

Bigg Boss 10 22nd January 2017 Written Update:

Now SRK tells to everyone that how he called Manveer and gave him a secret task. Manveer came in the confession room where Bigg Boss gave him one phone and told him to attend phone calls whenever call you. SRK called Manveer says him to throw two egg caters in the store room in front of Bani. After this, SRK told him that I am Shahrukh Khan. Manveer behaved very casually. Finally, Manveer did this task and made Bani angry. In opposite, Bani snatched Manveer’s cigarette and broke them very badly.

Everybody claps and welcomes Sunny Leone there. She is giving a sensual performance there on the song of Raees song. Later Shahrukh Khan calls Manveer just to give a secret task. SRK says to Manveer that I am Shahrukh Khan and I am giving you a secret task. Manveer laughs because he is in doubt that SRK is on the line or not. Read more-> Bigg Boss 10 23rd January 2017 written update

Bigg Boss 10 22nd Jan 2017 Written Episode:

Sunny Leone is giving a stunning performance on the song,”Laila Main Laila, Aise Mai Laila.” After this, Sunny hugs Salman and SRK. They welcome her. Sunny says I have a script and you will play it on the stage. Salman asks which script? Leone replies that we will do Deewar Movie iconic scene here in which SRK will play the role of Amitabh Bachchan and Salman Khan will play the character of Shashi. Apart from this, Sunny will play the role of their maa. Everybody laughs to see young mother. After this, Salman Khan connects himself with house inmates and informs them about the nominations of this week and safe contestants name.

Nominated Contestants are:

  1. Bani Judge
  2. Rohan Mehra

In this last week, one contestant will get eliminate and only, one will left here in Bigg Boss 10 house.

Three finalists of the Bigg Boss 10 Finale are:

  1. Manveer Gurjar
  2. Manu Punjabi
  3. Lopa Mudra

Guys, in Bigg Boss 10 Grand Finale, you will see only four contestants. Now the Bharti and Moobin are coming on the grand stage of Bigg Boss 10 with Salman Khan where Moobin is doing a mimicry of Anil Kapoor, Ajay Devgn, Sanjay Dutt, and so many. All people are laughing a lot. Later Monalisa is coming on the stage where Salman Khan wishes her a very fantastic married life ahead with Vikrant. Now the next Sunday will bring Bigg Boss 10 grand finale when you will come to know about the winner of Bigg Boss 10. Just wait for this moment.

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