Bigg Boss 10 22nd November 2016 Written Update Episode

Bigg Boss 10 22nd November 2016 Written Update Episode on

The Colors channel brings a Bigg Boss 10 brings out a scene in which the contestants are getting ready for the recording of the 3rd video. Bigg Boss makes an announcement for the set up of 3rd video. He shows one kitchen type area where both teams will be making their videos. Both teams are preparing hard for the kitchen type setup. Lopa is sharing her personal ideas related their video.

Here Bigg Boss and Sunny Leone are talking to each other about the videos of the contestants. This time, both teams are having 1-1 score.  Now the Lopa’s team is performing here in which Manu, Lopa, and Monalisa are performing there in which Mona becomes a maid, Lopa and Manu are the couple. In this video, Manu is doing flirt with Maid Monalisa and then his wife Lopa catches him red-handed.  Sunny calls this video a typical video.

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Bigg Boss 10 22nd November 2016 Written Update Episode:

After this, Bani’s team is going for the task in which Rahul Dev is becoming a Swami Om and Bani is becoming a journalist. She is coming to take his interview. In the task, team Bani is the winner.

Now Bigg Boss showing a next video set up. Both teams make the 3rd video in the jacuzzi. From Bani team, Bani and Gaurav Chopra are giving a sizzling performance in which Gaurav kisses Bani and she can also. But from Lopa’s team, Swami, Lopa, and Monalisa are coming inside the jacuzzi and then they are making a fun with Swami OM ji. Sunny Leone is watching them all and says that Swami ji is enjoying a lot. In this task, Lopa teams wins. 

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Bigg Boss 10 22nd November 2016 Written Update:

Bigg Boss shows that last video set up where all contestant cutouts are present there, when any of the team is going to perform there, their opposition teams members cutouts are present only. But which team will go their first. It would decide only by using a coin. Bigg Boss says to Bani to go inside and bring a coin for the toss. This Coin is having two sides one side having a content bigg boss and a second side is completely black. Bani chose the black side and Lopa’s side is Bigg Boss content side. Finally, Lopa wins the toss. Now both teams are preparing hard for this video. After this, Sunny Leone is coming inside the home where she makes an announcement for 4th video result in which she says  team Lopa is the winner of this task and team Bani is a nominated team of this week.

Nominated Contestants of this week are:-

VJ Bani, Manveer, Gaurav Chopra, Rahul Bose or Nitibha. 

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