Bigg Boss 10 22nd October 2016 Written Update Episode-Saturday

Bigg Boss Season 10 22nd October 2016 Written Update Episode- on

The Show continue with the scene in which the Priyanka will say to VJ Bani to clean her pant in which she pissed off. As we watched out Priyanka Jagga pees in her pant during the task in which all the contestants were getting indulging in the task of take a ride of horse see-saw toy. That time, all the contestant were trying hard to get the position of winner but only Priyanka Jagga was the one who won the competition. Bigg Boss declared her as the winner of the show.

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Bigg Boss Season 10 22nd October 2016 Written Update:

So that Bigg Boss gave a chance to Priyanka Jagga to bring any two members out from the jail. Priyanka said that she wants Swami Om to come out from the jail. Priyanka was getting so happy. But after that, Priyanka told to VJ Bani to to clean her pant in she did a pees. All the contestant are getting shocked.

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 After some time, Salman Khan is coming on the screen. He wants to talk to all contestants. He asks Priyanka and her point of view for the celebs and their work. She says to Salman Khan that I am not saying that I know everything but I got a chiti on my chapati, which is not tolerable. These celebs are not doing a cleanliness in the kitchen. So that I hate this thing because kitchen is the first thing which we have to clean at any cost.

On the other side, VJ Bani and Monalisa are talking to each other about the Priyanka that how much lier she is. They are laughing on her. Here Priyanka is making faces. Salman Khan asks some questions to Gaurav, Rohan, and Manu. They are trying to manupulate Salman Khan but he already knows everything.

Bigg Boss Season 10 22nd October 2016 Written:

Salman is going to announce an elimination of this week. He is creating a lot of suspense in the home. All the contestants are holding their breaths. Salman says to all that, this is my one of the difficult season which I am handling. Salman Khan says to all that he will make an announcement later.

Thereafter, a true caller’s call is coming for Manveer Gujjar and the caller’s name is Abhishek gujjar. He asks some questions to Manveer. All people are enjoying a lot.

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