Bigg Boss 10 23rd January 2017 Written Update Episode

Bigg Boss 10 23rd January 2017 Written Update Episode- SRK & Sunny Leone Special on

The show will start with the scene in which Bigg Boss gives a task to Manveer, Bani J, Lopa, and Rohan that, they will decide mutually like who will get evict in this week. Bigg Boss says that the signature tune will get play time to time and whenever the tune will play, one of the candidate will go out from this finale room. Rohan says that I think Bani must have to go from here because she never did her task. Bani says maybe Rohan will go out from the house because Rohan was behaving im-mature. Manveer says that Bani is much liking personality so I think Rohan will go out from the house because people like to watch Bani on the screen instead of Rohan.

Here Bigg Boss calls Manu in the confession room and informs him about the task of rest four candidates. Bigg Boss says that, they are doing this task to add 5 lakh one thousand money in the prize money of Bigg Boss 10 which is 43,99,206 Rs now. So if they will perform good then your prize money will become 50 lc. But before that you tell me which one candidate will go out this week? Manu thinks a lot and says that Bani always looses her temper, so that she will have to go out from the house. After this Bigg Boss says him to go out and won’t discuss this matter with anyone.

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Bigg Boss 10 23rd January 2017 Written Update:

Lopa says Bani is a non-deserving candidate and according to me, she will get evict from this house. Bani says that I am considering you people on top-five positions and now you are saying all this about me. Bani says that nobody will send me out from the house, I have to stay here and will win this show also. After some time, Bani asks Rohan that what do you think, public will vote you or vote me? Rohan says that if people are watching this show properly then they will save me and sends you out from the house.

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Finally, the Bigg Boss 10 signature tune rings up.  But here nobody is going outside. Bigg Boss makes them remember that I told you when a signature tune rings up, one of the candidates will go out. Manveer is singing a song,”Tootke Mai tootke Choor Hogya.” Bani laughs. Manveer says to Bani that you have to go outside because I like it. It’s good to go out from here. Bani says I won’t go outside.

Bani says I am tired hear again and again like I am selfish, animal, I this and that, I have no idea at all.Rohan asks why are you crying over this? Bani replies I am sentimental and it’s the last week. So let me cry, you people are the best, win whoever wants to win this show. I want to touch your feet and you guys are the best. Manveer says to Bani to sit here. Finally, Bani and Lopa are getting into controversy very badly. Rohan is taking Lopa’s side but Bani makes him quite. Later Bani says to all that you people will enjoy the finale and I am going from here.

Bani is coming out from the finale room and she is doing a lot of tantrums. Manu is asking her what happened? Bani tells everything. Manu is trying to make herself relax. Manu and Bani are coming in the confession room where Bigg Boss congratulate Manu by saying that you were guessing right? After this, Bigg Boss says them if you want then you will add 2 lc money in the prize money? But before that, you people guess who will come next outside the finale room? Bani gives Rohan’s name. Bigg Boss says ok, let we see.

Bigg Boss 10 23rd Jan 2017 Written Episode:

But after some time when Bigg Boss signature tune ring up. A big discussion is going on and then Manveer is coming outside. So that Manveer, Manu, and Bani are coming in the confession room. Bigg Boss says that Bani and Manu are knowing that we are carrying out this task only to add money in the prize money of the show. So that Manu was getting successful in adding money but Bani’s guess is getting wrong.

But now I am giving you an opportunity to add 5 lc money in the prize money. Now you people can guess who will come out either Lopa Mudra and Rohan Mehra. After to discuss over this, they decide to give Lopa’s name. But when tune rings up then Lopa and Rohan are coming outside together. But first steps is taking by Rohan Mehra. Manu, Manveer, and Bani are seeing them. Now Bigg Boss says that your prize money is deducted now and it is, 40 lc now. All inmates get tensed to hear this.

Bigg Boss says I told you that only one candidate come out from the Finale room when tune rings up. But Rohan and Lopa Mudra were doing a childish activity. So that I decreased out the prize money from 43,99,206 to 40 lc. All people are getting angry over Lopa Mudra and Rohan Mehra.

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