Bigg Boss 10 24th January 2017 Written Update Episode

Bigg Boss 10 24th January 2017 Written Update Episode- SRK & Sunny Leone Special on

The show will start with the scene in which all the inmates will get a task from Bigg Boss that, all inmates will become a cook and also prepares dishes as per the items available in the store room. As usual, Bani and Lopa will be in different teams. Even teams are known by their names like Bani team and Lopa team. All the ingredients are in the store room. Lopa and Bani will run to get ingredient first. Manveer is their Dictator. He is looking after them. Manu and Bani are into the same team. Rohan and Lopa are into the same team.

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Manveer is going into the confession room. Bigg Boss says him that you will look after them. you will order them to make Chinese dish first. Manveer comes out and informs them about the dish type. He says to Bani and Lopa to think your dish name in your mind. After some time, when buzzer rings up, we will go to the storeroom and brings your ingredients from there.

Bigg Boss 10 24th January 2017 Written Update:

After this, Buzzer rings up and then, they are going inside the store room where Bani and Lopa are taking their ingredients. They starts to make their dishes and the time is only 1 hour. The rule is, whenever teams will make their dishes then Manveer will taste first and brings a best dish inside the confession room for Bigg Boss. Finally, Bani makes dry chilli panner and Lopa makes fried panner. Manveer tastes the dish. Team Bani and Team Lopa are buttering Manveer. After to tastes both dishes, Manveer says that the presentation id more good of Team Bani. Even the taste of Bani’s dish is much tasty. Manveer takes Bani’s dish in the confession room where Bigg Boss appreciates Bani’s dish.

After this, Bigg Boss says to Manveer to inform them about the next task. That is to make an Italian dish. They are going to the store room to take ingredients. Bani and Lopa are getting into controversy. Lopa get the gas first. Manveer says to Lopa that it’s your mistake. Rohan Mehra will interrupt Manveer says him not to interfere in between the task. Manveer says I don’t like all this. Rohan shouts at him. But Manveer gets angry and says him not to yell over him.

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After some time, Manveer is waiting for the dishes. Finally, they present their dishes in which Manveer says that Team Lopa’s plating or presentation is nice. But the taste of Bani’s food is awesome. He takes Bani’s dish in the confession room. He also likes the same. After this, Bigg Boss says them to prepare a dessert in which Lopa is making a dark chocolate halwa and Bani prepared Desi Kheer.

Bigg Boss 10 24th Jan 2017 Written Episode:

After this, Manveer tastes Lopa’s dish and calls it poison. He laughs. Even though, Lopa and Rohan are laughing a lot. Then, he tastes Bani’s kheer. Manu likes it so much. Finally, Team Bani is the winner of this task. After sometime Bigg Boss makes an announcement that you guys have completed your 100 days in this house today. So Bigg Boss arranges a fantastic dinner for them and this dinner will be from Zorawar Kalra’s restaurants. Finally, Zorawar is coming there and meets all people. All people are getting so happy to see him. After this, his chefs starts to prepare different-different cuisins and all inmates are enjoying the dishes.

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