Bigg Boss 10 24th October 2016 Written Update Episode-Monday

Bigg Boss Season 10 24th October 2016 Written Update Episode- Monday on

The Show continue with the scene in which the Bigg Boss makes an announcement in which he says that celebrities are owners of this house and the commoners are the slave of this house. After some time, all the commoners are fixing their works like who will prepare food or who will do cleanliness? Finally, they made a decision like Naveen will do cleanliness.

After some time, Swami is sitting near around the dining table in the hall room whereas the Celebrities are doing their lunch. Karan Mehra says to Swami that don’t you sit here because we want to do lunch now and don’t want to see your face. So you go from here. Lopa also says to Swami to go from here. Rahul orders Swami to go out from here now.  Swami replies that I don’t want to live here and I never heard any order here. Rohan says that you have to bear a punishment. Swami says no. He says to the camera that englishmen left Indian but leave some sample copies here in the form of celebs.

Bigg Boss Season 10 24th October 2016 Written Update:

Swami says to Bigg Boss that all the celebs are giving useless orders and you are keeping silent. Here Lokesh and Aakanksha are working in the Kitchen. Lokesh complaint that she is till in old clothes not get fresh and up yet. All other people are taking bath and looking so good. But here I am looking so dirty. Aakanksha is just hearing her words an dnot replying anything to anyone.

Bigg Boss says that after Priyanka, all the commoners are breaking their unity and getting into the controversy. Manu says to Lokesh that you are a plain liar girl and why are you coming behind me again. Even he says Lokesh is a mad girl. Lokesh says I am a mad then you are a double mad person. After this, an open nomination has held in which people nominate the person  by applying foam on his/her face. All people tells their reasons behind the nominations. Swami says VJ Bani is against Indian Tradition. She says Swami is a fake and mad man. Karan Mehra says that Manveer is giving a bad answer for everything to everyone. He is mannerless person. Manveer says that if didn’t tell all this before 4 years. Must see-> Bigg Boss Season 10 23rd October 2016 Written Update

Nitibha and all other commoners are getting shocked to see Lokesh and Mannu’s controversy. After some time, Lokesh prepared tea for all. Manu says to her that I will make my tea on my own. Lokesh says I already made a tea for you. After some time, all the celebs are doing gym and yoga. Commoners are also there. But Celebs are not giving permission to them. Swami says that when we were kings then we never stopped you people. Then, why are you saying all this.

Bigg Boss Season 10 24th October 2016 Written:

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