Bigg Boss 10 25th January 2017 Written Update Episode

Bigg Boss 10 25th January 2017 Written Update Episode- SRK & Sunny Leone Special on

The show will start with the scene in which Bigg Boss will arrange a fair in the Bigg Boss house. In this fair, inmates will enjoy rides, games, and so many things. In this fair, so many special guests will be coming in Bigg Boss 10 house and these special guests are as Mandana Karimi, Nitibha Kaul, and much more. Manveer and Nitibha hugs each other .

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Now the Ravi Kishan is also coming there. He creates a lot of excitement amid all the people of this house. He is giving a fantabulous performance on the stage and now it’s a time for Niruva. Amrapali and Niruva are giving a performance together on the song,”Tu Lgaave Jab Lipistic.” With them, all other people are also dancing with them on this rocking song.

Bigg Boss 10 25th January 2017 Written Update:

Bani and Lopa Mudra will take revenge from each other through games. It would be interesting to watch out. Read Also-> Bigg Boss 10 26th January 2017 written updateNow it’s  a turn of Monalisa and Vikrant are giving a romantic performance on the song,”Rangde Tu Mohe Geruva.” After this, Ravi Kishan is coming on the stage and says to Vikrant that Monalisa is not beautiful by face only, she is a beautiful from her heart too. She will be going to become a big star after to go out from this house. Suddenly, Bigg Boss sends a camera for the photographs.

Bigg Boss 10 25th Jan 2017 Written Episode:

After this, Shahrukh Khan told to Manveer to praise Bani in front of Lopa by defaming her. Manveer did the same. Lopa got angry. But today, Salman Khan connects himself and Manu with JIO TV. Then, Salman Khan exposes Manveer’s task by saying that Shahrukh Khan told him to do all this. All people are getting so happy to see SRK in the show. Salman Khan says that you people will do SRK’s signature step. So that all people are trying to do SRK’s step. Out of them, SRK calls Rohan as Bigg Boss 10 house Shahrukh Khan.

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