Bigg Boss 10 25th November 2016 Written Update Episode

Bigg Boss 10 25th November 2016 Written Update Episode on

The Serial starts with the scene in which Bigg Boss asks Rohan about four contestants who didn’t perform a good in luxury budget task BB Gold Mines. So that Bigg Boss gives some time to Rohan to think over his decision that how are those four? After this, all contestants are sitting together and laughing a lot.

Rohan says to all that I think one is Swami ji because he never heard my orders or anything else. Swami gets shocked and starts to do controversy with all people. Rahul, Gaurav, Rohan, and all other people are laughing a lot. Swami says here people are snatching my food and work. They are calling me a thief. But now if you people will treat me lik ethis, then I will leave food to eat.

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After this, Rohan says that second name is Nitibha because she didn’t do any work on the first day. Nitibha says I was getting in controversy with Swami ji only for the work and now you are saying all this. Swami again starts his controversy with Rohan and all other people. Rohan says him to keep quite because it’s not your turn to say anything.

Bigg Boss 10 25th November 2016 Written Update Episode:

Bigg Boss makes an announcement that Swami ji, Nitibha, Lopa Mudra, and Monalisa are now puppets of Rohan. Bigg Boss asks to open the first one drawer, they opens its and then gets a stretcher. Bigg Boss says to Rohan to give a punishment to one of your puppet. The punished puppet sits on the stretcher till my next order. Rohan gives punishment to Swami Ji. Swami ji is getting shocked and he says to Rohan that I made you the captain and now you are punishing me. You are a shameless guy.

Rohan says that you are a robber, not a good man. So that I want to give you the punishment because you were doing a robbing. Swami ji says that your DNA is dirty, so it’s not your mistake then why I am saying all this to you. Rohan says him to keep quiet and don’t say anything about his parents indirectly. Swami ji says that what kind of father you have that he gave such type of upbringing to you.

Rohan doesn’t give any reply to Swami ji. Gaurav is sitting there. He says to Swami that please don’t say anything wrong about someone’s family. Swami says I will say according to my wish. Manveer says to Swami to please stop yourself and don’t say anything. Swami gets angry and sits on the stretcher. He says Rohan will die soon. Swami added that if Bigg Boss gives me the permission to do everything according to myself then you will see the actual scene. 

Gaurav shouts very badly and says to Swami that you always backbite the people. Swami replies that it’s your work, not mine. So you have to do your own business and not to interfere in my matters. Rohan says Swami has gone mad finally. Swami says yes I am a mad person. Rohan says to him that you are doing all this rubbish and expect respects from us. You are a thief. Swami replies I am not a thief, I never steal, I can snatch always.

Bigg Boss 10 25th November 2016 Written Update:

After sometime, Bigg Boss says to Rohan to punish all people. He says to Swami ji to eat two slices of butter. Swami is getting angry but he eats that butter. Second Punishment is to take stretcher. This punishment is also for Swami ji. Now the third punishment is jail. Now Bigg Boss asks Rohan that who will go the jail out of three except Swami ji because he already got two punishments. Rohan says Nitibha is going to the jail.

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