Bigg Boss 10 26th December 2016 Written Update Episode

Bigg Boss 10 26th December 2016 Written Update Episode on

The Serial starts with the scene in which the Manu and Mona are talking to each other in the hall room. Mona asks Manu that why were you saying that you are not happy with me and you are getting irritated from me. Manu says no yar I didn’t mean so. Monalisa says that when they asked you that are you getting irritated from me. Then you said yes.

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In the next day morning, all the contestants are getting wakes up and a song plays on,’Mere Umar Ke No Jawano, Dil Na Lagana Oh Diwano.’ All people are dancing on this song. Manveer is asking to Nitibha that don’t you eat food. Nitibha replies that why are you asking me again and again? If I want to eat something then I will make my food by myself. Manveer says that I will try that I will do myself till I will be in this show. After this, Manveer is going from there. Nitibha says that he never hear anybody. He gets angry when someone says something to him. Manu says I had a same nature but I am changing my nature after to come inside this house. Nitibha is going inside the confession room where Bigg Boss gives two letter to her and says her to read out one out of them.

Nitibha reads out the letter that Bigg Boss is giving a different type of opportunity to increase our luxury budget and the task name is Bani and Gaurav show. They will go to the confession room and then gets live with the viewers. So that they will give a true answer to them. This task will set your budget. Bani and Gaurav are going inside the confession room. After this Nitibha says to all that viewers won’t ask any questions, we will ask questions to them but this is a secret task from Bigg Boss to us. We will not say anything to Bani and Gaurav.

Bigg Boss 10 26th December 2016 Written Update Episode:

Bigg Boss calls Bani and Gaurav in the confession room and says that you people will be going live soon. The Bigg Boss 10 viewers will ask a number of question to you people and you will answer them. Here Bigg Boss says to rest contestants that Bani and Gaurav will be getting live but viewers won’t ask any questions, you people will ask question to them instead of viewers but they don’t know about this.

Firstly, Manveer asks a question to Bani that why are you behaving so nasty in Lopa and Priyanka’s fight? Bani replies that whenever we already know this person won’t hear our words then it’s good to be silent instead to become a drama amid the fight. So that Gaurav also agrees with her statement. Lopa is getting angry after to hear his answer and says that I will see when someone will do all this with his sister. Lopa takes out her slipper and throws it on the TV screen very badly.

After some time, Bani and Gaurav are coming outside. This time, all the contestants are running away from the hall room here and there. Bani is asking to all that we boycott Priyanka that time or not. Nitibha is saying that we people were not talking to her then it means we were boycott her. After some time, Gaurav scolds Monalisa very badly that why are you talking like this to me. Monalisa says that viewers asked you these questions not me. Then, why are you shouting on me. Here Manveer and Bani are sitting outside where they are talking to each other about their personalities.

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Bigg Boss 10 26th December 2016 Written Update Episode:

After some time, Bani and Gaurav are going back to the confession room. Manveer asks a question that Are you considering yourself in first five contestants. Bani replies that I am counting myself as the winner because I am. Most of the people are calling me as the winner of this Bigg Boss seaon 10. Apart from this, I am considering Gaurav, Rohan, Manveer, and Manu. Here Lopa is laughing a lot. Gaurav says that I am considering winner as Nitibha and Manu. Here Nitibha and Manu are laughing a lot. After some time, Bani and Gaurav are coming outside. Rohan asks Bani that what happened? Is anything was related to nominations? Bani says no, nothing was related to the nominations. Rohan says that I am asking normally because if Bigg Boss will call me then I will prepare myself for such type of question.

After this, Bigg Boss says that Bani and Gaurav task is over now. Bigg Boss says to Bani and Gaurav that viewers are nobody else, they were all the house contestants. Bani and Gaurav are getting shocked. After this, Bigg Boss says to all contestants to give their answer yes or no that you people are satisfied with Bani and Gaurav’s answer. So that, Lopa says no, Nitibha says no, says no, Swami says no, Manveer says no, Rohan says yes, Monalisa says no, and Manu says no. Then, the Bigg Boss says that most of the people are not satisfying with their answers. So that Bani and Gaurav are losing this game because the contestants are not happy with these answers.

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