Bigg Boss 10 27th December 2016 Written Update Episode

Bigg Boss 10 27th December 2016 Written Update Episode on

The Serial starts with the scene in which the all the contestants are getting wake up and a song plays on,’Yeh Mosan Ka Jaadu Hai Mitwa, Ye Mosam ka Jadu Hai Mitwa,’ Monalisa, Swami, and all other contestants are dancing together. In the kitchen, Swami, Manu, and Manveer are working there. They are talking to each other about the celebs. Swami says that we will defeat celebs one day and we will clean them too just like we clean this kitchen. Manveer says you just leave this thing and never repeat this. Swami says ok but we are the winners of this show. Here Swami says to Gaurav to make Bani understand now to hurt herself again and again. I am feeling so bad to think about the situation but I can’t cry because I am a man and a man never cry. Swami added that I love all girls as my daughter. So please don’t let her to hurt herself. Rohan is laughing to hear Swami’s words. After some time, Bani asks what was he saying? Rohan says that he was talking about you. Bani smiles.

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Bigg Boss sends a letter in the Bigg Boss house whereas the Manveer is reading out that letter and comes to know that an ice storm is coming in the Bigg Boss house again and again. Apart from this, a garden area is becoming like a Kashmir where you will get igloo’s and the task is like when an ice storm is coming there then all people will run inside the igloo’s.  Bigg Boss says to all to take clothes from the store room and takes your dresses from there. There will be seven storms and you will repair your igloo’s before an ice-storm. After this, an ice storm will come. But if someone will left outside then he/she will be going out from the race of Bigg Boss 10 captaincy post. Suddenly, Swami ji says that if someone will get hurt by him during to run inside the igloo’s then please don’t blame me. All the contestants are wearing a kashmiri clothes for the task and they are looking awesome in their dresses. Click here=> Bigg Boss 10 26th December 2016 written update

Bigg Boss 10 27th December 2016 Written Update Episode:

After this, all people starts to paint the igloo. Bani and Gaurav are talking to each other about the toofan task. Here Monalisa, Lopa Mudra, and Nitibha are dancing together on the song ‘Bhumro Bhumro Shyaam Rang Bhumro.’ After to prepare igloo. All people are sitting together there and start to talk to each other about the task. Lopa says to Swami please don’t do mess during to go inside an igloo if someone will get hurt by your mess then you will be going out from here.

After some time, ice-storm is coming and all other people are going inside an igloo except Monalisa. She is not going inside and sits near to igloo. After some time, Manu asks why didn’t you come inside. She replies that I was not able to come inside because all people were going inside. Manu says you have to do an extra-effort. Manveer says she never do extra efforts. Monalisa is looking towards them. After some time, Monalisa is crying a lot. Manu and Manveer are giving an emotional support to her. Manveer says to her that all people are never same, you are an innocent girl not a clever too. So don’t worry just chill. Here Swami ji is sitting in between the way of igloo. All people are saying him to sit another side instead to sit in the door. He says I am feeling good here. Gaurav is also coming there and sits there. They are sitting there for so much time. Even they are doing a controversy with each other. Bigg Boss calls Lopa Mudra in the confession room and says to Lopa to mark a red line and nobody will go beyond her before the storm. Lopa is coming there and says them to get up from here.Suddenly, an ice-storm is coming and all people are going inside except Monalisa. She is dancing outside in the storm.

Bigg Boss 10 27th December 2016 Written Update Episode:

After some time, all people are sitting outside the igloo and talks to each other about the storm. Actually, Swami brings a stool there an sits over it. Manveer and all people are saying to Swami not to use stool here. He says I have to use it if you don’t like this then you will thow this stool from here. Manveer takes the stool and throws it. Swami says to Bigg Boss that Manveer is trying to get physical with me. Manu and Gaurav are saying that you told him to throw the stool, so he did that.

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