Bigg Boss 10 27th January 2017 Written Update Episode

Bigg Boss 10 27th January 2017 Written Update Episode- SRK & Sunny Leone Special on

The show will start with the scene in which Manveer comes in activity room where the Bigg Boss shows his full journey of this show. Bigg Boss says him that Manveer Gurjar came here just to raise his hand on everything but now he touched million of hearts. Manveer gets emotional and falls on his knees just to touch Bigg Boss ground. After this, Bigg Boss shows the whole journey to her. Lopa gets emotional.

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Bigg Boss 10 27th January 2017 Written Update:

She says to Bigg Boss that you gave me a lot of strength. Even I got strong after to come here. So that I have a trust on a single person now a day and that is, Bigg Boss. Later fireworks are showered on inmates and then their journeys are getting separately from each other. Read Also-> Bigg Boss 10 28th January 2017 written update

Bani says to Manveer that you people hated me a lot. Even I felt you and Manu made my image so bad and ruined. Manu says to Bani Judge that Bigg Boss showed you a wrong video and we didn’t use such type of stuff against you. Lopa Mudra says that nobody back biting me and it means that everyone liked me here. Nobody hated me. Bani walks away and says to Lopa that you take all napkins and leave me alone here. Let me do whatever I want to do.

Bigg Boss 10 27th Jan 2017 Written Episode:

Lopa says to Bani that don’t you ever try to insult me. Manveer stops them and says them to stop all this. Lopa says Bani started all of this and if she started finally, I reacted her words. This is a natural reaction. Later Manveer says that Bani locked herself in the washroom, maybe she is talking to herself. Bani says in the camera that she is trying hard to control her anger but she gets failed again and again. She gets tired a lot.

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