Bigg Boss 10 28th December 2016 Written Update Episode

Bigg Boss 10 28th December 2016 Written Update Episode on

The Serial starts with the scene in which the all the contestants are sitting outside the igloo in the wait of an ice-storm. Swami brings a stool again just to sit over it. Rohan, Gaurav, Manveer, and Manu are also sitting near to him. Don’t know what happened? Suddenly, Rohan takes a chair and throws it back. Swami Om Ji shouts and says to Bigg Boss that see Rohan is getting physical with me.¬†Rohan says why not? I am getting physical with you. You are forcing us to do such type of behavior with you. Swami is complaining to Bigg Boss about the bad behavior of house members. Here Manveer is happy because today is his birthday and all people are celebrating his birthday very nicely.¬†Click here-> Bigg Boss 10 29th December 2016 written update

Bigg Boss 10 28th December 2016 Written Update Episode:

After some time, Bani, Monalisa, and Nitibha are preparing food in the kitchen for all people. Here Swami says to all that I am feeling so hot and that’s why I am removing my pant. He removes his pant and sits on the stool. Swami says that Rohan forced me to do this. Lopa says that he didn’t force you, you are showing your manners here. Swami says that if you are not here then I ill say to Rohan what is ‘Gunda Gardi.’ Swami and Rohan are getting in controversy with each other. Here Bani says to Nitibha and Monalisa that Swami ji is removing his pant and this is really bad.

After some time, Bani is eating food and she is sitting on the dining table. Gaurav is coming there and try to talk to her about their last moment. Gaurav says to her that I know you didn’t like my behavior that time, so that I am saying sorry to you. Bani is not ready to talk to him but he is forcing her. Bani gets up after to finish her food and goes from there. Suddenly, an ice-storm is coming. All people are running towards the tunnel to go into the igloo. After some time, Lopa says to Rohan that I didn’t come inside in the last, Swami was coming in the last but he is mot ready to accept this. Swami is saying that Rohan was behind me and Lopa is behind the Rohan. Hr is repeating all this again and again. Swami and Lopa are getting into the controversy. After sometime, Bigg Boss makes an announcement that Swami om is the last one people who came inside the igloo. Swami is coming inside the home and then ice-storm is coming again.

Bigg Boss 10 28th December 2016 Written Update Episode:

Now all people are coming inside the igloo only Lopa is left behind. She is enjoying the storm and then comes out from the game. She is coming inside. After some time, Manu, Manveer, and Swami are talking to each other about the bigg boss house. Swami says that I just want to go out from this home because here Bigg Boss is ruling all the time, I was wrong when I was thinking that I am the only winner. But now I just want to go outside because there I will be ruling according to me. Here nobody thinks about me. Manu and Manveer are laughing a lot. After some time, an ice storm is coming again. All people are trying to go inside the igloo but Swami is coming in between the game as he is already out. Due to Swami ji, Rohan is getting stuck with igloo’s wall and he is unable to go inside on time. Only Manveer and Rohan are going inside at last. Rohan says to Manveer that Swami was coming in between and due to which I was getting injured very badly. But by god grace I saved my life. After some time, all people are getting in controversy with Swami ji. Manveer, Bani, Rohan, and all other people are scolding Swami very badly for doing this. All people are saying to Manveer that you are the one who will talk to Swami first. Manveer says that I am feeling so bad this time and I won’t talk to him. Even I won’t give a food to him. All people decides not to give food to him. After some time, Piku sends one awesome cake for Manu on his birthday. All people are getting so happy to see this cake. Manu cuts the cake and all people enjoy that cake. Here Bani is sitting outside and Gaurav is trying to talk to her. But she is not ready to talk to him and says that don’t you treat me like a child. They are getting controversy with each other very badly.

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