Bigg Boss 10 28th January 2017 Written Update Episode

Bigg Boss 10 28th January 2017 Written Update Episode- SRK & Sunny Leone Special on

The show will start with the scene in which a debate is going on amid commoners and celebrities. Farah Khan hosts this debate. She asks who ruled Bigg Boss season 10? Commoners or Celebrities? Manu raises his hand and says that there is a passion in commoners to become something in their life, so they performed all tasks with their 100% dedication. Bani interrupts and says that commoners washed toilets here and nothing else. Apart from Farah, there are Puneet Isaar and Ravi Dubey are also present in the host panel.

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Bigg Boss 10 28th January 2017 Written Update:

Farah says that all commoners had shown aggression in the tasks. Farah says to Bani that Priyanka used so many bad words against your mother but you didn’t take any stand there. Ravi says to Lopa and Bani that you people are showing childish behavior in the show from day 1 to yet. Barkha asks Bani about her friends. Bani replies that Mona, Nitibha, and Gaurav were my friends. Manu says that they all were using you in their tasks and nothing else. Bani asks Manu what did I take Gaurav’s advantage. Manu replies I didn’t mean that. Bani says why do you want to say? Manu says it will go in the press like,”friends with benefits.” Bani says to Manu that you are projecting me like a bad person.  Read Also-> Bigg Boss 10 29th January 2017 written update

After some discussions, Farah Khan says Manu to give a big hug to Bani. Manu replies I already want to hug her. Manu gets up and hugs her. Now Ravi Dubey asks Lopa that what do you think about Mandana Karimi. Lopa replies that I am not coming here to present myself in front of Mandana Karimi. But Farah asks Lopa about the prize money. Lopa laughs and says only 40 lc. Farah asks who is responsible for this? Lopa says I am responsible for this. Ravi says that finally, you are accepting your two mistakes here. Now the Bigg Boss is showing some past phases of Lopa that how she reacted very badly and how she blamed Bani every time.

Bigg Boss 10 28th Jan 2017 Written Episode:

Now a news reporter is asking Lopa that what do you think about Bani Judge? Lopa replies that I was trying so much to raise my hand towards Bani for doing friendship with her. But she never did a good reply to me. After so much discussion, Farah Khan says that you are so much deserving candidates of this season, now let see who will win this show. Bigg Boss welcomes all the four debate judges in the house. Now all candidates are going from here. Mona, Manveer, and Lopa Mudra are talking to each other about their words which they have used during debate.

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