Bigg Boss 10 29th December 2016 Written Update Episode

Bigg Boss 10 29th December 2016 Written Update Episode on

The Serial starts with the scene in which the Bigg Boss is making an announcement for the captaincy post that two nominated people will be getting ready for one more task. Due to which we will easily get our captain. The contestant who will win this task then he will become the winner of this house. Bigg Boss announces the task and the task is, Manveer and Rohan will put the flowers in the soil in the flower bed. In between, Bani says to Swami ji that if you think to touch this flowers bed then it would not good for you. Swami says no I won’t do anything today. Gaurav, Rohan, and Lopa Mudra are talking to each other about the captaincy task. Gaurav says to him that if you have any doubt on Swami then you will inform me, I will take care of his activities.

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The people who will put more flowers in the soil then he will be the captain of this house.Manveer will put pink flowers and Rohan will put blue colors flowers in the flower bed. Rohan and Manveer are starting their task ith full dedication. All people are encouraging them. Bani says to Gaurav and Rohan that you are having only 2 hours to perform this task and try to make this task clean. Bani is the dictator of this task. Bani and all other people are encouraging them. Bani says to Swami to go away from here and you have to sit apart from this flower bed. But he is not listening anyone. Bani, Lopa, and Gaurav are trying to handle him. By mistake, Lopa touches him. Swami is creating a scene by saying that how is Lopa touching me? How? How? But the Swami om is coming in between to ruin this task very badly. Rohan, Gaurav, Manu, and Manveer are getting in a big controversy with Swami ji. Gaurav handles Swami in her arms by saying that you won’t go there, please stop yourself here. Guru ji is blaming Gaurav to catching him badly.

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Bigg Boss 10 29th December 2016 Written Update Episode:

Manu and Gaurav are getting into a bad controversy with Swami. Gaurav asks who are you? Swami says that I am Swami and you were getting such type of cheap values from your family. Gaurav says that who are you to say all this about my family. Don’t you dare to say anything about my family. Who are you? Swami is coming near to the flower bed and try to snatch the flowers. Suddenly, Rohan is coming there and threatens him very badly. Swami says that you are trying to kill me, kill me what happened? Are you getting scared? You are a looser. Rohan is getting angry after to hear all these words. Swami is trying to provoke Rohan very badly but Lopa is trying to control Rohan from doing anything wrong this time because it will directly impact his position in Bigg Boss 10 house. After some time, Bani counts the flowers and makes an announcement that Manveer is the new captain of this house and he defeated Rohan in this task. Lopa says to Rohan to congratulate Manveer for his success.

Manveer is getting so so happy an Manu takes him on his arms. Manveer says please brother leave me down because you are also injured. Here Swami is talking to the camera and says that Gaurav was hurting my ear and I am hearing with my left hand side ear. Even though Rohan hurt me. Here Nitibha and Monalisa are dancing in the happiness because their Manveer is becoming a captain of this house. After some time, Manveer is going to handle Swami and he makes him relax by saying that Bigg Boss says that during the captaincy task, Rohan was doing with Swami ji, that was wrong. So that I am going to punish Rohan and the punishment is Rohan is getting nominate from now onwards for the whole season. Rohan is getting shocked and then says that everyone is doing this but if I did then Bigg Boss made this decision. Lopa is taking Rohan’s side and says that you are doing wrong Bigg Boss. Rohan gets upset and he locks himself in the bathroom. Lopa is going behind him and says him to come outside. Gaurav is trying to handle Lopa Mudra. But she is not ready to hear him.

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Bigg Boss 10 29th December 2016 Written Update Episode:

Here Rohan says that I don’t want to come outside if I will go outside from here then I will go to my home now. Otherwise, Bigg Boss will call my father as soon as possible and also talks to the lawyer before I will come outside. Lopa and Gaurav are trying to handle Rohan. Lopa says to him that please don’t do all of this. Here Manveer says to Manu and Monalisa that what type of Miss India Lopa is? She is behaving so immature. Why? Even though Gaurav is also supporting them just to get footage. Suddenly, Bigg Boss calls Gaurav and Lopa Mudra in the confession room. Bigg Boss says that why Rohan is behaving all of this by removing his mike? This is unsafe for him. Gaurav says he want to meet his father. Bigg Boss says to Gaurav that if Rohan wants to say anything then he is coming in the confession room and says his words.

Lopa and Gaurav are going there and says to Rohan that if you want to say something then you will go to the confession room. Rohan is coming there and then says everything to Bigg Boss that you are doing unfair with me, I loved this show but now I am feeling so bad after this allegation. I want to talk to my father and lawyer now. Bigg Boss says that we won’t call your father or lawyer here. Rohan is getting angry and going outside. Bigg Boss says him to sit down but Rohan is going from there. After some time, Rohan is coming there and locks himself in the bathroom. Lopa is trying to stop him from doing this but he is not hearing her. Lopa says that are you doing right with you? Lopa is sitting outside the bathroom. Rohan says her to eat food and take rest. Lopa says that if you will not come outside then I won’t go from here.

Gaurav is coming there and says them to come for eating the food. Lopa says I won’t eat if Rohan won’t come outside. Gaurav says you guys will decide and come fast. Here Manveer and Manu are talking to each other about Gaurav and making a fun of him. Here Lopa says to Rohan that let see how much you care for me? Rohan is sitting silent there. After sometime, Bigg Boss makes an announcement about Rohan that he is not doing right and he was saying me that he want to leave this home. But if he will leave this home without elimination then he will pay big as per their contract which was signed by Rohan. So if he will not come outside then I will take hard decision.

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