Bigg Boss 10 2nd January 2017 Written Update Episode

Bigg Boss 10 2nd January 2017 Written Update Episode on

The Serial starts with the scene in which the Gaurav is eliminated from the Bigg Boss 10 house and hence Bani is feeling so alone. After Gaurav, Rohan is also very upset and he is behaving so rude with Lopa Mudra. He says to her that we are friends, so you have to behave like a friend. Lopa says don’t repeat this line again and again in front of me and friendship is my foot. Rohan says something to her. Lopa Mudra is getting angry and lose her control over an anger. She goes to the bathroom behind him and throws his bag and every other item very badly. Rohan asks what are you doing this? Lopa is going out from there without to give any reply. Click here-> Bigg Boss 10 1st January 2017 Written Update

Bigg Boss 10 2nd January 2017 Written Update Episode:

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In the next day morning, all the contestants are getting wake up and a song plays on,’Humsa Koi Yahan Ho, Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho HO.’ All people are jumping a lot and enjoying the song too. After some time, Manu and Manveer are talking to each other about Bani and Nitibha. Manu says that Nitibha was talking to Bani late night, don’t know what was going on? Swami is also coming there and says that a 3-hour meeting was going on when you were getting sleep down. Manu says to Swami that you will never say anything to us about anyone. Nitibha hears this and says to Swami that don’t say anything about me. Swami and Nitibha are getting n controversy with each other. But Swami is not ready to stop himself.  Nitibha says him to just keep quiet. She says to Manveer to stop Swami now. Manveer says him to stop now. Swami says that if you stop me for Nitibha then I won’t hear your words. Swami is going from there. Behind him, Manveer says to Nitibha that don’t you shoot by putting a gun on my shoulder. If you want to play the game then play it on your own self. Nitibha says that I don’t need you, I am playing my game by myself. After this, Nitibha is going from there. Here Swami ji is saying to the camera that, Manu and Manveer are getting flat on Nitibha’s fair color but it doesn’t matter to me, I like only good heart not a good face and Nitibha’s heart is so bad. In the afternoon, Rohan is sitting outside with Bani. He says that I don’t want to talk to Lopa now because she is so angry this time. So I will talk to he later on.

After sometime, Bigg Boss calls Bani and Swami OM in the confession room. Bigg Boss says to them that, here is a time of nomination and you people decide it by doing your own discussion that who will nominate for this week. It means Bani and Guru ji are discussing to each other to decides that whether Bani will nominate herself or Swami ji will nominate himself. Swami says to Bani to please nominate yourself now. But Bani is saying the same to Swami ji that you have to nominate yourself now. Swami says sorry to her for his all mistakes and wants that she will nominate herself. They are doing discussion for the long time but nobody is ready to get nominated. After sometime, Bigg Boss says to Swami and Bani that you may go outside and I will decide on my own. Bigg Boss says them not to say anything to anyone about this procedure of nominations.

Bigg Boss 10 2nd January 2017 Written Update Episode:

Swami ji is crying a lot after to come outside. Manu is asking what happened? Swami says I can’t tell you anything. After sometime, Bigg Boss calls Nitibha and Lopa Mudra are in the confession room. Bigg Boss tells them about the procedure of the nominations. Bigg Boss says them to decide that who will get nominate? Lopa Mudra and Nitivha starts their discussion in which Lopa Mudra says that I won most of the task and also become two times captain of this house. Nitibha says, so what you have to nominate yourself. They are taking so much time but doesn’t take any decision. Bigg Boss sends them outside. Bani asks Nitibha that you took a decision or not? Nitibha says no. Bani laughs. Monalisa and Manu are coming in the confession room. Bigg Boss tells them the same thing in which Manu says that I will nominate myself. Monalisa is saying the same. After some discussion, Monalisa says that I want to get nominated myself and this is final. Bigg Boss asks Monalisa that your decision is final. She replies yes. Monalisa and Manu are coming outside from the home. After sometime, Bigg Boss makes an announcement that nobody was taking an exact decision except Bani or Swami and Nitibha or Bani. Finally, I am going to take the name of nominate people and that is, ROHAN, MONALISA, BANI, SWAMI OM, LOPA MUDRA, and NITIBHA. 

After sometime, Bigg Boss calls Manveer and Swami OM inside the confession room. Bigg Boss says that Swami OM is going outside the home for a sometime because of some circumstances. Manveer says ok. Swami says to Manveer that you won’t share anything to anyone about me. After some time, Manu and Manveer are getting so happy because only they are safe now. Apart from this, all people are getting nominated this time. Here Bani and Nitibha are talking to each other about nominations.

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