Bigg Boss 10 3rd December 2016 Written Update Episode

Bigg Boss 10 3rd December 2016 Written Update Episode, written episode on

The Serial starts with the scene in which the most famous all people are saying that we want to make Swami ji sit on the villain chair. Swami is getting angry and shouts very badly. He says that yes I am a┬ávillain and I am feeling proud to become a villain in this home. As all people knows very well that I will become a winner of this house. So that’s why they are behaving all his. Apart from this, all people are trying to eliminate every Saturday.

After this, Salman Khan says to him to sit easily because there are around four people left who aren’t giving their statements regarding this villain chair. Salman asks Bani what happened? You tell me, which people is a villain in your eyes. Bani says that according to me, Lopa Mudra is a villain because she is unfair during her captaincy.

After this, Manu is giving Bani’s name to all that he want to make Bani sit on the chair now. He added that I think Bani is such a bad player of this game or of this house. Salman Khan is asking to him that why are you taking Bani’s name. What happened? Salman Khan why? You are just trying to divide this home into two. Click here-> Bigg Boss 10 4th December 2016 written update

Bigg Boss 10 3rd December 2016 Written Update Episode:

Manu says to Salman Khan that I will say what I noticed in this home either right or wrong. Salman Khan says that I will be coming back after some time. After this, a bad controversy is going on in between Bani and Manu. She says that you are having a problem with me from day 1 and that’s why you are blaming me everytime.

After this, Swami ji is coming there and says ‘OM SHANTI OM SHANTI.’ Here Manu, Monalisa, and Manveer are coming there int he kitchen where Manu says that I already said that I will take Bani’s name then why is she behaving like this. Why? Here Salman Khan is saying that controversy

Apart from Bani, the Manveer gives the name of Lopa Mudra,┬áJason is giving a name of Manveer, and then Rahul is giving a name of Swami OM ji. Finally, Salman Khan is saying to Swami to come on the villain chair now. Swami says that, Rahul Dev is not giving a genuine reason behind to say my name. Swami is screaming a lot very badly. Salman Khan is saying that you were congratulating rivalry team when Manveer was getting injured even you were in the Manveer’s team.

Salman Khan congratulates Gaurav because he became a captain of this home by winning the task against Manveer. Gaurav says that I will do everything but seeing behind the situation and people. Salman Khan says that let me show your so many sides of captaincy. He is showing one video to all people. After this, Salman Khan is asking a number of questions to all people regarding Rohan’s captaincy.

After this, Dabangg Diwan is coming there to ask som questions to house members. Salman Khan says to all contestants that we will ask a number of question to all contestants. With whom he asks a question to anyone, he/she will sit on the villain chair. Firstly, he asks questions to Gaurav Chopra regarding Bani.

Bigg Boss 10 3rd December 2016 Written Update:

In this show, Bigg Boss calls Manveer’s bhabhi (Sunita), Manu’s fiance (Priyanka), and Monalisa’s fiance (Vikrant Rajput) which will create a big buzz amid all the house members. They are getting excited to see this. Salman Khan is asking a lot of questions to their relatives in which Manu’s girlfriend is asking a lot of questions.

Salman Khan asks Vikrant about Monalisa. He says that firstly Mona wakes up in the show after the second entry of Priyanka Jagga. He added that after Priyanka’s entry, Monalisa, Manu, and Manveer are coming close to each other. After this, Priyanka (Manu’s girlfriend) says that I am not happy with the closeness of Monalisa and Manu. But Monalisa is trying to come close to Manu all the time.

Even Vikrant also agree Priyanka’s statement that he doesn’t like the closeness of Monalisa and Manu. All over, Vikrant is taking Monalisa’s side and Priyanka is taking Manu’s side. In between Manveer’s bhabhi is coming in between and want to portray a good image of Manveer. But after that Salman forces him to say everything about Monalisa.

Salman Khan asks Vikrant that who is more attracted towards each other Monalisa or Manu. Vikrant says that Monalisa is more attracted towards him. He says that somewhere Manu is trying to maintain soem distance from Monalisa. So that he loves you a lot, you just chill. Priyanka is laughing a lot. Manveer’s bhabhi says that Manveer is showing his real picture in the Bigg Boss house. He is same.

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    Yes we all are ready for New Year Dhamaka with Salman Khan show Bigg Boss 10 today on 31st Dec. Hope the show will must go on with full of joy and masti with entertainment.

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