Bigg Boss 10 3rd November 2016 Written Update Episode

Bigg Boss 10 3rd November 2016 Written Update, Written Episode on

The Colors channel biggest Reality show Bigg Boss 10 Episode continues with the scene in which Rohan and some other celebs like Lopa Mudra are doing Gyming, then Rohan orders Swami ji to clean their gym fast. But Swami ji denies his order. Rohan says to him that if you will not follow my order then I will lock you in the jail. Swami ji replies ‘Ye Hak To Apke Papa Ke Pas Bhi Nahi Hai.’ Rohan gets shocked.

After some time, Manu and Manveer are talking to each other. Manu says to him that Manveer that Lokesh forgot that from where she is coming. He added that all people are tryng to humiliate us on the name of task. Here you are talking Lokesh’s side and there Rohan is also taking her side, due to which she will uplift herself.

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Bigg Boss 10 3rd November 2016 Written Update:

All celebs will be looking like a king and they will enjoy in Big Boss house just like a king style. But all commoners are working as sevak’s of them. In the morning time, Monalisa and Lopa Mudra are enjoying swimming in the pool by wearing a fabulous bikini’s. Actually, when they are doing swimming in the pool, Swami and Manu are also sitting in a garden. Swami ji is starring at Lopa Mudra continuously. After some time, he says ‘Kya Jalwe Hain’ on Lopa Mudra’s style.

After some time, all people are coming in a hall room and sits together. Bigg Boss makes an announcement and says that now all tasks are over. This time celebs and commoners are deciding about the person whom you people want to send a jail. So that Commoners are deciding that who will go to the jail. Similarly, here celebs do. Manveer says we want to send Nitibha in the jail.

Bigg Boss 10 3rd November 2016 Written:

Aftre some time Bigg Boss says to Monalisa that you can tell me the name of that person who gave less performance in the weekly task. She takes Karan Mehra’s name. After some time, Nitibhi and Karan Mehra are going into the jail. In the evening time, all people are waiting for their lunch. Manveer and Swami are going to give food to Karan and Nitibha but Nitibha denies to eat that food because she says these are bad rice.

After this, Manveer and Swami ji are coming inside the home. Whereas Manveer says to Lokesh that your Niti didn’t take the plate, she denies to eat food. Here Monalisa is eating food alone. Gaurav is standing there and asks her why are you eating alone. Monalisa says you all people took food earlier without me, so that I am eating now.

Gaurav says I asked someone where is Monalisa before sometime? But someone replied that you doesn’t want to eat food. After to hear this, we all finished out food. Monalisa says that I was in the bathroom that time, but it doesn’t mean I don’t want to eat food with you people. Here I am thinking that you all are ignoring me.

After this, Gaurav goes from there. Manu is coming there and says to Monalisa that these all are same. Even you are a celebrity but you are completely different from them. You are very down to earth. Monalisa smiles. Aftre this Manu and Monalisa are enjoying dinner together.

Here Bigg Boss gives a task to Gaurav and Bani that you will play a machine by your legs and whenever machine gets stops before one hour then an alarm rings up in a complete home. Due to which all people will get disturb during their sleep. Here Bani and Gaurav are trying to compleyet their task. In between machine stops down, an alarm rings up. All people are getting irritated by this alarm. Here Bani and Gaurav are laughing a lot.

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