Bigg Boss 10 4th December 2016 Written Update Episode

Bigg Boss 10 4th December 2016 Written Update Episode on

The Serial starts with the scene in which Ranveer Singh is coming to the show. He is not coming alone to the show. He is coming here with Vaani Kapoor. They are coming in the Bigg Boss house just to promote their upcoming Bollywood Movie Befikre in which they are playing a lead role. On the other side, Bigg Boss  plans a big surprise for Monalisa, Manu, and Manveer.

Apart from this, Salman Khan says to Swami OM ji that you have to come out from the house now because the conditions are getting so worst now. All people are getting shocked. Bigg Boss says to Priyanka to pack Swami’s bag as fast as possible. Priyanka says that I won’t do it alone, please help me in packing Swami ji’s bags. Gaurav gets up and says that I will help you.

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Finally, Ranveer Singh is taking an entry in the show with his fabulous dance performance on the song ‘Mera Hi Jalwa, Mera Hi Jalwa, Dhinka Chika, Dhinka Chika,’ He is wearing a red shirt and a blue jean. Salman Khan is also coming there and gives a company to him in his performance. Salman Khan introduces Ranveer Singh and then everybody laughs. Salman Khan appreciates him for his fantastic energy level.

Ranveer Singh says that I brought something for you, may I present? Salman Khan says yes. He shows some pictures, videos, and sounds which he did exactly as Salman Khan. All over he says that I am your big fan and I always copied you after to see your movies. Ranveer Singh is looking so fab and shows that I love you and I always copied you from my school days. He added that Salman Khan’s movies are such a movie for which celebrating by all people especially who are Salman’s fans.

Bigg Boss 10 4th December 2016 Written Update Episode:

After this, Salman Khan asks Ranveer Singh that had you brought a baby here or not? He says yes, I brought Befikre baby, Vaani Kapoor. She is performing a dance on the Befikre Song ‘Ude Dil Befikre.’ Ranveer Singh is also giving a company to Vaani Kapoor. After their performance, Salman Khan calls Vaani, a cute girl. She says that I am your fan but my mother Dimpy Kapoor is your biggest fan. Salman Khan says Hi Vaani.

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After some time, Ranveer and Vaani Kapoor are going inside the Bigg Boss house. All bigg boss house members are getting shocked and exciting to see Ranveer Kapoor. He says that we are coming here to promote their upcoming movie Befikre which will be going to release out on 9th December 2016. After this, Ranveer says that my movie’s name is Befikre means carefree, be carefree, no tensions, and no rules.

Ranveer Kapoor says to all that here we play dare. First dare is for Lopa Mudra. She will put all atta to the confession room as fast as possible. He says I will also come with you. She smiles and goes from there. After this, Ranveer says to Jason that you will impress Vaani Kapoor by doing a pole dance. After this, Manveer proposes Lopa Mudra and Monalisa is impressing Jason. All these are dare tasks which are giving by Ranveer Singh to them.

After some time, Ranveer and Vaani are coming outside from the home where they are saying their likes or dislikes to Salman Khan. He says that Bani, Manu, and Manveer are strong contenders. Apart from this, Swami is such an outstanding man. After this, Salman Khan is sending Ranveer Singh and Vaani Singh in the room where they are putting Sanjay Dutt, Shahrukh Khan, Priyanka Chopra, and Anil Kapoor’s posters where they are doing mimicry of them. All people are laughing a lot.

Bigg Boss 10 4th December 2016 Written Update Episode:

Elena is getting eliminated from the show today.

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