Bigg Boss 10 4th November 2016 Written Update Episode

Bigg Boss 10 4th November 2016 Written Update, Written Episode on

The Colors channel biggest Reality show Bigg Boss 10 continues with the scene in which all the contestants wakes up with the song ‘O Saathi Chal, Hwa Ke Sath Chal Tu, Mere Sath Chal Tu.’ Monalisa and Swami om are starting to do dance with each other on this song. They are making a circle and enjoying this song  a lot.

After some time, all people are gathering in a hall room where some of them are preparing breakfast. Swami is singing a religious song. But after some time, he gets emotional. Naveen, Manveer, and Mannu are coming there to give him an emotional support.

Bigg Boss calls Lopa Mudra in the confession room. He says to Lopa to give two names who were giving a best performance during the raja -rani drama. Bigg Boss says her to come back after some time. Lopa is coming outside. Here Lopa is discussing with Rohan, Gaurav, VJ Bani, Rahul Dev, and all. All people are giving their three naes to Lopa. They are just trying to suggest her.

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VJ Bani says to Gaurav that there is a cool triangle of Lopa, Rohan, and Rahul Dev. Similarly, we have a triangle of you, me, and Karan Mehra. Gaurav says to Bani that let see there will be no confrontation further in the home. Bani says let see what will happen, but maybe there is not that type of confrontational people in the home.

Bigg Boss 10 4th November 2016 Written Update:

Bigg Boss makes an announcement for the immunity task amid Monalisa, Lopa Mudra and VJ Bani. They have to play with each other by tied ski with their feets and then try to immune each other. Bani will try to push Lopa’s position, even she is trying to get physical with Lopa Mudra. So that Lopa asks Bigg Boss, Is Physical activity is allowed in this game or not? Swami says the the looser will go to home. Stay tuned with us.

After some time, Lopa Mudra wins the task. All people are giving their congratulations to her because she is getting so much happy after to win this task. Bigg Boss says to Lopa Mudra that you are out from the nominations and you are completely safe.

Bigg Boss 10 4th November 2016 Written Update:

Stay tuned with us.

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