Bigg Boss 10 5th December 2016 Written Update Episode

Bigg Boss 10 5th December 2016 Written Update Episode on

The Serial starts with the scene in which Bigg Boss calls Manu in the confession room where he says to Manu to come out from the house now because of outside unusual circumstances. Manu gets scared. He asks Bigg Boss that you are saying all this seriously. Bigg Boss says yes and comes outside fast. Manu comes out from the room and then goes near to Mona. He says that I am going from this house.

Monalisa is getting shocked. Even she tells Manveer too. Manveer says that why? Why are you going now? What happened? Who told? Monalisa and Manveer are crying a lot. All family members are getting shocked to see Manu’s exit. In the morning, when all the contestants are getting wake up. Monalisa is crying by thinking about Manu. Manveer is also sitting there.

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Bigg Boss says to all house inmates that we are going to start nomination process. Firstly, I want to give some time to inmates to discuss the name who is not performing a good out of three wild card entries. There are only three wild card contestants i.e Jason, Priyanka, and Vikrant. Bigg Boss says to all to discuss and finalizes one name out of three wildcard names.

Bani, Manveer, and all other house members are discussing to each other about the person whom they want to nominate this week. Most of the people are giving Priyanka’s name to Bigg Boss. Priyanka is crying a lot and says to all that you people are taking my name only. She is crying a lot. Manveer says to her to calm down and relax. She says you are a strong contender then why are you crying a lot.

Bigg Boss 10 5th December 2016 Written Update Episode:

Priyanka is roaming here and there by saying that I will show them all what I am? I was doing a lot for the celebs. She is getting a lot of controversy with Bani in the washroom. She says to Bani that I am not expecting all this from you. Bani and Priyanka are getting in a  bad controversy. Priyanka is coming in the bedroom and she is lying inside the blanket.

He is trying ti take her outside but she is not ready to come outside. Bigg Boss makes an announcement for Priyanka that you have to come in confession room now. She gets up and going into the confession room. She sits inside. Bigg Boss says to her that you are not following Bigg Boss rules, if you have any problem then you have to discuss it with other house members, not with me.

So now you have to go in the living area. All house members are sitting on the Sofa. Bigg Boss asks the wild card entry member name whom they want to nominate. Gaurav as a captain, he gives Priyanka’s name. Bigg Boss says that Gaurav is safe this week because he is a captain of this house. Apart from this, Priyanka is already nominated.

Now he calls Monalisa in the confession room. Bigg Boss says her to give two names whom she wanted to nominate except Gaurav and Priyanka.

Nominations are as follows:

Monalisa Nominates: Sahil and Rohan Mehra

Rahul Nominates: Bani and Sahil

Nitibha Nominates: Sahil and Bani

Rohan Nominates: Sahil and Bani

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Bigg Boss 10 5th December 2016 Written Update:

Manveer Nominates: Sahil and Bani

Jason Nominates: Rohan and Monalisa

Bani Nominates: Rahul Dev and Lopa Mudra

Lopa Mudra Nominates: Bani and Nitibha

Sahil Nominates: Manveer and Nitibha

Priyanka Nominates: Jason and Sahil

Gaurav Nominates: Lopa Mudra and Manveer

After this Nomination process, the finally Nominated people of this week are:

Priyanka, Sahil, Bani, Nitibha, Rohan, Lopa Mudra, and Manveer

After some time, Swami ji is coming back into the home. All people are getting shocked and happy to see him. Priyanka hugs him and starts to cry a lot. He says that you don’t worry now I am back and your all solutions will get resolve. Here Monalisa and Manveer are talking to each other about Manu. Manveer is saying that Bigg Boss sends this dust here instead of Manu. Priyanka is coming there and asks what happened. Manveer and Monalisa are ignoring them very badly.

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