Bigg Boss 10 5th November 2016 Written Update Episode

Bigg Boss 10 5th November 2016 Written Update, Written Episode on

The Colors channel biggest Reality show Bigg Boss 10 continues with the scene in which the Bollywood Actor Farhan Akhtar and Actress Shraddha Kapoor are going inside the Bigg Boss house. Shraddha says to all inmates to perform. Therefore, Commoners start to rap with her. Here Farhan Akhtar is dancing with Swami OM. Swami says to Salman Khan that you will get married next year. Salman laughs a lot and says let see. A song plays on ‘Meri Jindagi Hai Kore Kagaj Jaisa.’

Gaurav is chosen as the villain of the week. Salman Khan asks Gaurav that why you are looking so disappointing? Bani says that I know very well. Whenever Bigg Boss asks me for the voting, then I always target girls. Gaurav says that I always target those people who are looking strong according to mine. Stay tuned with us for more updates. Keep visiting here for more updates.

Bigg Boss 10 5th November 2016 Written Update:

This week nominated people are as Lopa Mudra, VJ Bani, Monalisa, Manveer, Manu, Swami OM, Nitibha. Lopa Mudra is safe this week. She becomes so happy. Salman Khan asks Lopa that who will sit on khalnayak chair? Even all people gives me an answer for this questions. Gaurav says I am giving Swami Om Ji’s name. In between Swami ji is singing a song ‘Roop Tera Mastana, Pyar Mera Diwana, Pyar Hume Na Hojaye.’ All people laugh. Salman Khan is asking a question to Manu and Manveer that if Swami om ij gives a wrong name then so many problem will get create.

After this, Rohan, Karan, and Rahul are also giving Swami OM Ji’s name. VJ Bani is giving a name of Naveen. Lopa is giving a name of VJ Bani for khalnayak chair. Monalisa is giving a name of Nitibha. OM Swami says that I am already a bad man, so that I consider myself a bad man. Salman Khan says please tell me the name Om ji.

He is giving a name of Manveer. Nitibha is giving a name of Gaurav. Manu is also giving a name of Gaurav. Now it’s Manveer’s turn, he is giving a name of Gaurav. Lokesh is also giving Gaurav’s name. Naveen is also mentioning Gaurav’s name. Finally, Gaurav is sitting on the khalnayak chair.

Bigg Boss 10 5th November 2016 Written:

Now the Salman Khan is asking a number of question to Gaurav because he is a khalnayak of the week. But after this, Salman Khan is talking to Manu about the votes. He makes metric this time. Manu laughs for the metric. Salman asks Manu for which vote you get shocked? Manu says I am shocked from the Lokesh vote. I never accept any nominated vote from her. Salman Khan and all other people laugh.

Finally, Salman Khan makes an announcement that Manu and Manveer are completely safe. After this, a man is calling from West Bengal and his name is Nikesh. He wants to ask a question to Nitibha., She gives a very smart answer.  Salman Khan says bye to that man. After some time, Salman Khan says that I am going to announce a name who is safe and that is VJ Bani.  Now the Swami OM, Nitibha, and Monalisa are left. Out of which, one will get eliminate tomorrow.


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  1. shimra

    Clearly NOT the strongest contender
    ! Bani is always Sulking! She is such a lil cry bitch…she acts all rough and tough when she\’s not. Her attitude is definitely not positive. I was rooting for Bani but after this she has definitely lost one fan . She\’s coming across as very stuck up and someone who thinks she\’s above everyone. The way she behaved with Gaurav, Lopa was disgusting. She thinks bigboss fans are only beacuase of Bani…Arrognant woman! U need to wake up Bani Ji

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