Bigg Boss 10 6th December 2016 Written Update Episode

Bigg Boss 10 6th December 2016 Written Update Episode on

The Serial starts with the scene in which Bigg Boss makes an announcement for the task and that is Manveer and Bani are becoming the taxi driver who are carrying a people from here and here by driving their taxi’s. On the other side, Priyanka Jagga is becoming a police constable who is cutting challans of taxi’s. She is wearing a proper traffic police uniform and she cuts the challans.

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After some time, Priyanka says to Jason that you are coming here from there by breaking the rules. so you have to give a fine to me. He replies that I won’t give you a single penny. She shouts. After some time, she asks Lopa Mudra for the fine. She denies to give any fines. Priyanka puts her hands in Lopa’s pockets. Lopa gets shouts very badly. Click here-> Bigg Boss 10 5th December 2016 written update

Bigg Boss 10 6th December 2016 Written Update Episode:

After some time, Swami wants to go to the washroom. Bani and Manveer’s taxi are there. Swami ji is saying to negotiate the rate because Bani says him 100 Rs fair. Manveer and Bani are not ready to negotiate with him. Actually, Swami ji wants to go to the bathroom. But they are not ready to negotiate with him. Swami ji is going into the kitchen.

He is taking a mug and says that I will do toilet in this. Manveer says do whatever you want but don’t you dare to do toilet in the kitchen. He is going near to the wall and does a toilet into the mug. All house members are getting shocked to see this activity of Swami OM ji.  Manveer is getting angry. He is coming out from his taxi and comes near to Swami in an anger.

He says to Swami to go away from the kitchen with your mug. Swami is not ready to go anywhere. Gaurav is also coming there and try to stop Manveer from doing anything. He says Manveer to get relax and then goes back into his taxi. But Manveer is going into the bedroom and brings a pillow there just to hit Swami ji. But Manveer again hit with the stick. His head gets strike with the stick.

Bani says him to take care of yourself and don’t do this. Then, Manveer is going from there. Lopa is giving napkins to Swami to cover his toilet mug now and throw it away. Gaurav says him to throw this mug into the toilet by taking a taxi. He says I will give only 50 Rs.  but they are not ready to take me to the bathroom. Gaurav says to Bani to carry Swami ji because it’s urgent.

Swami ji is coming in Bani’s taxi with his mug. After some time, Priyanka is coming there to take a fine from Rohan Mehra. Swami is taking Priyanka’s side when Rohan is not ready to give a fine to him. Monalisa is getting tensed and sits quietly somewhere. Manveer says to Swami that are you mad, why are you shouting like this. Swami says that have you people forget women empowerment.

Rohan is trying to save his money but Priyanka is trying to get physical with him. Due to which Swami ji is taking it wrong and says that Rohan is doing wrong with Priyanka. Manveer, and all other people are getting into a bad controversy with Swami ji. After sometime,Bigg Boss says that now your luxury budget task BB Taxi is not over and you people are going back to their rooms. All people are getting happy.

Bigg Boss 10 6th December 2016 Written Update Episode:

In the night, Rohan and Lopa Mudra are hiding their money into their pillows. They are talking to each other that how to save more money just ti win this task. Other people are sleeping in their rooms.


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