Bigg Boss 10 7th December 2016 Written Update Episode

Bigg Boss 10 7th December 2016 Written Update Episode on

The Serial starts with the scene in which Gaurav hires a Bani’s taxi. She brings him to the kitchen and then he gives fare to her. Bani says that Gaurav that I don’t understand what are you trying to say? I know you wnat to save you all money right now? Gaurav doesn’t reply anything. Bani  says I know very well about your answer and then she is leaving from there. Even she shouts like why are you walking out like always. Gaurav gets silent.

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Bani says to Priyanka that Gaurav gives me only 10 Rs. as a fair yet. Just hell with his money and support. Gaurav is getting irritated and then says to Jason that I am getting so much tensed to hear Bani’s back biting, I don’t understand why is she trying to make things difficult all the time. Bani says that I helped him out in captaincy task and nobody else did for him.

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Bigg Boss 10 7th December 2016 Written Update Episode:

Guarav says to Monalisa that she is having an expectations from me and that’s why she is getting hurt very badly. Apart from this, she never told me about her expectations not like we have type kind of relationship. After this, Gaurav says to Manveer that I am getting stuck in a bad situation without any fault or reason. Bani is getting shocked to see this activity of Gaurav. She throws all her money and gets out from the taxi.

Lopa Mudra says to Gaurav to get her points back Guarav Chopra because you did really a silly thing every time. Gaurav gets shocked and asks how? Lopa says you are stupid that you have changed all the game just by your one silly activity. Gaurav says that why I will save that person who shoots me from every side. Similarly, you are looking friendly by your face but you are so clever from behind. Lopa cries a lot and says that I don’t want to be a part of this game any more.

After some time, Bani, Monalisa, and Bani are present in the kithen. Monalisa is singing a song. Gaurav says to Monalisa that please song loudly because it will work for me too. Monalisa smiles and comes near to Gaurav that I am getting you but I want to tell you that I am also taking some lines seriously but I can resolve all the matters quickly. I can’t do like Bani. Gaurav says her to sing a song, please.

Monalisa is going and doing here work by singing a song ‘Tu Ki Jaane Pyaar Mera, Mai Karu Intjaar Tera.’ Monalisa smiles. After some time, Priyanka is coming to talk to Lopa and says that I am not responsible for your money safety. So you have to take care of it. Lopa says please don’t talk to me, my head is paining. Rohan Mehra is also there and says that you may go and check out.

Here Bani and Manveer are sitting in their taxi’s. Lopa is going into the washroom. Priyanka is going there and says to Lopa that why are you hiding your money. Lopa says no I am not hiding. Check me out. Gaurav is there and he is going into the washroom and gets some money there. He handovers that money to Priyanka and she gets so happy. She says that Lopa was hiding her money in the washroom. Lopa laughs and angry too. She thinks how Priyanka did this with me. After some time, Lopa scolds Gaurav because he gave her money to Priyanka. Due to which they are getting in bad controversy with each other.

Bigg Boss 10 7th December 2016 Written Update Episode:

After some time, all people are coming in the living room where Bigg Boss Priyanka, Manveer, and Bani about their points whereas Priyanka is having more points as compared to the Manveer and Bani. So that she is selected as the nominee for Captaincy post. She is getting so happy. Swami is coming there and hugs Priyanka very tightly. Manveer says him to control himself for some time.

In the night, Manveer and Priyanka are talking to each other. They are sitting outside. Priyanka says that I am so happy to become nominated for the captaincy post. She says that whenever I will become captain of this house then I will make some strict rules and regulations for all family members, I will call all family members outside in the park early morning and then distributr works to them. Manveer says ok great.


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  1. anu

    bani is really wasting her tym for gaurav’s stupid friendship and gaurav is so irritating as if he is prince charming I wish bani to stop thinking about all these and play well love u bani we always support you and very good update sanaya I follow your updates daily as your updates are very quick. maintain this .

    • Naveen Kumar

      Yes of course bani is really innocent and believes garauv and priyanka very easily.but don’t worry she will be the winner of biggboss10

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