Bigg Boss 10 7th January 2017 Written Update Episode

Bigg Boss 10 7th January 2017 Written Update Episode on

The Serial starts with the scene in which the Bani is very upset by Swami’s act which he was doing with Bani and Rohan by throwing is pee on them. Finally, Bigg Boss throws Swami OM out from this house and then all people are getting so happy. But when Salman Khan is talking to all house members about Swami and Captaincy task.  He informs all people that there were two people nominated for Captaincy task i.e Swami and Bani. Swami is already out from the house and Bani is not eligible in this game because she left her mike apart for around 18 hours which is not acceptable in Bigg Boss house. This thing makes Bani upset. Even though Salman Khan is trying to make her relax but she doesn’t hear a single word. After some time, Manu, Monalisa, and Nitibha are backbiting Manveer. Manu says that everything is being changed in this house like Manveer is going to talk to Bani just to make her relax and happy.

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Bigg Boss 10 7th January 2017 Written Update:

A Salman Khan is taking an entry on the grand stage of Bigg Boss 10 with his grand performance on the song,’Le Le Le Le Beta-Selfie Lele re.’ He is looking so handsome as always. He is coming to talk with all people via JIO TV.

There are three categories like as Cleanliness, Rules, and Leadership. Salman Khan asks all people to give rating to these points to Manveer when he is on the captan post.

# 1Bani give one star for Cleanliness-Rules and 2 stars for leadership out of three stars.

#2 Manu gives two stars for Cleanliness and Rules. 3 (three) stars for a leadership quality.

#3 Lopa Mudra gives one stars for Cleanliness and Rules. 2 (two) stars for a leadership quality. She is giving all the excuses for her answer.

#4 Rohan gives one stars for Cleanliness and no stars for rules and leadership quality.

#5 Nitibha gives two stars for cleanliness, no star for rules, and 2 stars for leadership quality.

#6 Monalisa gives ZERO stars for all categories.

Now all peopl laughs to hear Monalisa’s comments. Salman Khan says to all that I will be back here soon. Here all contestants are sitting in the hall room where Manvere, Rohan, and Lopa Mudra are talking to each other about the latest task which Salman Khan was asking them. Lopa is taking Rohan’s side and Manveer smirks very badly. Rohan says that I am not doing anything with my deep intension. Even though I am saying everything whatever I was seeing during the task. Lopa says that, leave this matter dear, Manveer is Rohan’s jaani dushman. Rohan scolds Lopa by saying that why are you doing this, even Manveer is not my jaani dushman. Rohan is trying to make Manveer relax because he is getting angry a lot. Rohan calls him Manveer bhai. Manveer says I am not your bhai because you are always showing your attitude whenever someone asked anything about me, you are always saying against me. Rohan says that I am not showing anything else, this is just a reality which I am saying everytime.

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Bigg Boss 10 7th Jan 2017 Written Episode:

After some time, Salman Khan is saying to all people that now I am going to show you the clip in which M. Devang is asking a number of questions Swami OM after to go out from the house. Devang is asking a number of questions to Swami in which he is doing a complete drama and shows his good acting skills. At last, Swami says that if you Bigg Boss 10 won’t call me within two weeks then I won’t let the finale happen in the third week. Devanga asks are you threatening? Swami replies yes I am threatening Bigg Boss.

Siddharth Roy Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor are coming on the big and grand stage of Bigg Boss 10. They are dancing together on the song,’Humma Humma, Humma Humma, Humma.’ They are looking so good together. They are coming here to promote their upcoming Bollywood Movies named as OK Jaanu. Salman  Khan is asking them about the movie. Siddharth Roy Kapoor says about the film in which they are living in a live-in relationship  in Bombay and then, the movie is going on. Salman stops them and says them no to say climax of the film. Siddharth asks why? Salman replies that if you will say climax of the film then nobody will go to watch this movie. Everybody laughs.

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