Bigg Boss 10 7th November 2016 Written Update Episode

Bigg Boss 10 7th November 2016 Written Update Episode on

The Colors channel biggest Reality show Bigg Boss 10 update continues with the scene in which the Bigg Boss calls all the contestants in the confession room where they serve a task to all people just to win immunity locket. The contestant who will get this locket, he/she will save from the elimination. Bigg Boss says to all the contestants that you may fix a bid according to yourself and the person who will bid high, he/she will win this immunity locket.

But if 2 or 3 people will bid the same or nearby then their bid will get cancel. All people bidding and then Rahul, Rohan, and Gaurav’s bid is getting canceled out. In the last game, Nitibha wins the task.

Bigg Boss sends Swami OM ji into the secret room. He is keeping his eyes on all the contestants of the Bigg Boss house. In the starting, he can see Manu, Manveer, and Naveen in a very bad condition. Actually, they are crying for Swami OM ji.  Here Lokesh, Lopa, and Nitibha are also missing him. But after some time, they all are coming in their real avatar.

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Bigg Boss 10 7th November 2016 Written Update Episode:

In the upcoming show, Monalisa is roaming here and there in the home. She can move her body very lusty type, even she shows her naval too. Swami OM ji watching her. He says,’Ab Budhape Mein Kahan Se Jawani Aagyi Mona Me.’ Even though he says that Monalisa is trying to lure the youth by showing all this. All people are bad in this house. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

In the next day morning, all contestants are getting wake up. A song plays on ‘mere piya gaye rangoon, vahan se kiya hai telephoon, ki teri yaad sttati hai, jiya me aag lgati hai.’ All people gets wake up. Mona is dancing alone but she is missing Swami OM ji. She cries a lot. Bani says to Mona that I know you are missing Swami ji but it’s ok, he is not here. Even he is not watching this show now.

At 1 pm: something is present in the lawn and that is  a single chair with a unique style. Bani gets  call from Bigg Boss and he says her to sit on that chair. Here Swami ji watching this show. Bigg Boss says to Bani that, now we start the process of nomination of this week. But you have received this call, so you are nominated now for this week. Bt if you want to save yourself then you will bleach Gaurav’s eyebrows.

Bani calls Gaurav and informs him about this task. She is trying to convince him. He gets ready for doing this. Bani makes a call to Bigg Boss that I will help Gaurav or not? Bigg Boss says that you may help him by sitting here on this chair only. Bigg Boss says to Bani that you have to inform Gaurav that he will not use any color on his eyebrows before my any announcement.

Gaurav says no to Bani for doing this. But Bani is trying to convince him. After some time, Gaurav gets ready to bleach his eyebrows. Finally, he does. Bani is getting out from the nominations and she is safe now. After this Bigg Boss says to Bani that you have to nomination someone and tells him/her to sit on this chair and will sit till my next call.

Bigg Boss says to her that you will nominate Lopa Mudra because she is already won an immunity task. Bani gives that phone call to Rohan and Bigg Boss gives him a task due to which he will save himself. Finally, Karan Mehra helps Rohan due to which Rohan is also coming in safe mode. In last Rohan nominates Monalisa and she is coming to sit on the chair.

Bigg Boss 10 7th November 2016 Written Update:

She says to Mannu for doing some task just to save Monalisa from the nominations. But Monalisa is so thankful for Mannu that he saved her from the nominations.

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