Bigg Boss 11 Latest News: Shilpa Shinde’s Mother Disclose Some Secrets of Shilpa

Bigg Boss 11 Latest News: Shilpa Shinde’s Mother Disclose Some Secrets of Shilpa on

Here we are talking about the Bigg Boss 11 contestants Shilpa Shinde’s personal life like why her relationship was getting the break down with the Romit Raj. Shilpa Shinde’s mother Geeta Shinde says that she will be going to disclose all the details of the Shilpa Shinde and Romit Raj life like how were they getting married to each other? How were they getting separate from each other? What was the reason behind this? Just read everything here below.

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Geeta Shinde (Shilpa Shinde) mother says that there was a very big reason behind to break the relationship with Romit Raj. She has revealed out a complete reason by saying that, Romit proposed my daughter for the marriage and that time, Shilpa Shinde (my daughter) has accepted his proposal because he was a good person. So that, both were decided to get married and spend whole life together. But when they get married and started to live together. Read Hindi TV Serials Upcoming News.

Bigg Boss 11 Latest News 2017: Geeta Shinde Discloses Shilpa Shinde Marriage Secret:

But after some time of their marriage, they have realized like their decision was completely wrong and their living opinions are different from each other. So that’s why they have decided that it’s better to take divorce from each other. In fact families opinions were also different from each other. Then it’s really different to carry out this relationship further to a whole life.

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She added that my daughter has decided to call off the marriage. Shilpa Shinde thought that it would be better to end the marriage relationship now than going for a divorce later. Even though, Geeta Shinde has shared her experience after to meet her daughter Shilpa Shinde after two months in the Bigg Boss 11 house. She said that Bigg Boss house is so much beautiful but all people who are present there are playing just a game there and nothing else. All over, she added that my daughter Shilpa Shinde is playing well there and she will be rocking in the further episodes too. She says that her daughter Shilpa Shinde will surely become Bigg Boss 11 winner 2017 and even she has been eliminated or she becomes in Bigg Boss 11 elimination but still, she is staying there and I am sure she will perform well.

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