Bigg Boss 11 Winner Name is Shilpa Shinde and Gets 44 Lakh as a Prize Money

Bigg Boss 11 Winner Name, Prize Money, Grand Finale Held on 14th January 2018 on

[Latest Updated on 14th January 2018]: Check out Bigg Boss Season 11 Winner 2018. As we all know that, this is the 11th season of Bigg Boss show and for which so many viewers are getting so much excited to know about the Bigg Boss 11 winner. It is the time when the Bigg Boss 11 finale week is about to come. This time, four contestants are nominated and they are going to the mall in Mumbai just o ask for the votes of the people who will present in the mall that time. Apart from this, the Colors TV Channel show Bigg Boss 11 winner name for 2018 season along with runner-up name will be announced online in the BB11 grand finale episode which will be held on 14th January 2018.

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Bigg Boss 11 Winner Name 2017: SHILPA SHINDE

Vote for Shilpa Shinde and Hina Khan this time. Officials open voting line only for 10 minutes. Salman Khan says that one will become a winner of the show either Shilpa Shinde or Hina Khan. 

Latest Updated on 14th January 2018: [Actually, the Akash Dadlani will be going to face surprise elimination and that’s why he will go out from the Bigg Boss 11 house because 36 % people want to send Akash out from the house. 34% people want Puneesh to go out. 15% people want to send Hina Khan out from the house, 10% people want to send Shilpa Shinde out from the house, and only 5% want to send Vikas Gupta out from the Bigg Boss 11 house. So that’s why a number of people want to send Akash out from the house. Bigg Boss decides to send Akash out from the show.]

Four Finalists are:

  1. Vikas Gupta
  2. Shilpa Shinde
  3. Hina Khan
  4. Puneesh Sharma

# Puneesh & Akash Dadlani’s Sultani Akhade Task on 7th January 2018, Sunday.

#Luv Gets Eliminated finally on 6th January 2018, Saturday. 

The four Nominated contestants: Shilpa Shinde, Hina Khan, Luv Tyagi, and Vikas Gupta went Inorbit Mall just to ask votes from their fans. Some fans of Shilpa Shinde pulled Hina Khan’s hairs very badly in the public area because they are angry from Hina Khan because she made Shilpa cried so many times in the Bigg Boss house. Guys the week is getting so much interesting and it is nice to watch out this. 

Are you getting excited to find out the Bigg Boss 11 winner name? As everybody’s knowledge says that it is one of the controversial and disputed Colors  TV Channel reality show which is known as Bigg Boss 11. This Bigg Boss 11 show introduced so many new personalities/faces on an Indian Television plus commoners also. In the last season plus this current season, commoners also join the celebrities too. This is a show which mostly comes back every year and brings more twists and turns. All the people who are coming to this show as a contender, they belong to the field of entertainment, modeling, acting, and Film Industry. This is all about the celebs. But if we talk about the rest commoners then they are an ordinary people who become a celebrity after to join this show. Finally, the Celebrities and Commoners will join together and then gets to lock in Bigg Boss 11 house. They are completely disconnected from the outer world like they don’t have any cell phone, Internet facility, no letter, nothing at all.

Puneesh Sharma- Becomes the first finalist contestant of Bigg Boss 11 show

Now only six contestants are left in the house:

  1. Hina Khan (Nominated for this week 13)
  2. Akash Dadlani (safe for this Week 13)
  3. Puneesh Sharma (safe for this Week 13)- First Finalist Contestant of Bigg Boss 11. 
  4. Luv Tyagi (nominated for this Week 13)
  5. Shilpa Shinde (nominated for this Week 13)
  6. Vikas Gupta (nominated for this Week 13)

Bigg Boss 11 Winner Name, Prize Money, Finale Held on 14th January 2018

Bigg Boss 11 Winner Name 2018: BB 11 Winner, & Prize Money Details:

This show may start in the month of October every year and will end up in January. The duration of this show is about 3 months and in these 3 months, we come to know that which one celebrity or commoner is having a potential or ability to complete rest all contenders. These three months furnish or polish out the main face who becomes the winner of Bigg Boss 11. Around 70% of the people are the fan of this show who takes out their precious time just to watch out the Bigg Boss 11 show on Colors TV channel. Below is the list of all Bigg Boss 11 celebrity/common people contestants of Bigg Boss 11 house.

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Guys here we are going to give a little review about all the contestants who are looking strong yet, like who are able to get the Bigg Boss 11 Trophy. But there is also one person whose name is critic king that is, KRK, he can also give is the point of views for the Bigg Boss 11 contestants, which is based on his own mind. like he feels Arshi Khan is a cheap woman who is trying to trap all men in her way of talking and nothing else. He is not having any potential or energy to win the show. Apart from this, Hina Khan and Vikas Gupta are looking strong contenders in the show who are looking strong for their point of views and all. But let see, it’s a time when the game starts by when the time passing away then we come to know the real lion faces who are coming to this show with their full dedication and mental stability just to become Bigg Boss 11 Winner. Apart from these, Bigg Boss 11 wild card entry contestants 2017 will also happen in this show.

Bigg Boss 11 Winner Name 2017, 1st Runner-Up, 2nd Runner-Up, 3rd Runner Up:

Bigg Boss 11 Runner-Up Name List:-

Bigg Boss 11 Winner: —–updated soon
Bigg Boss 11 Runner Up 1st: —–updated soon
Bigg Boss 11 Runner Up 2nd: —–updated soon

Here we are going to give a complete list of the Bigg Boss 11 contestants. Out of which, one will become the Bigg Boss 11 winner 2017.   Jyoti Kumari, Hina Khan, Hiten Tejwani, Akash Dadlani, Sabyasachi Sathpathy, Luv Tyagi, Mehjabi Siddiqui, Lucinda NicholasSapna ChaudharyShivani Durgah, Priyank Sharma, Benafsha Soonawalla, Bandagi Karla, Arshi Khan, Puneesh Sharma, Zubair Khan, Shilpa Shinde, and Vikas Gupta.

[October First week: Week 1 Nominated Contestants are as] Shilpa Shinde, Jyoti Kumari, Zubair Khan, Arshi Khan & Bandgi Kalra

Bigg Boss 11 Elimination 1st Week: name update here soon, we will update here week to week. Due to which we will easily predict the name of Bigg Boss 11 winner. 

Bigg Boss 11 Grand Finale date: 

The Colors TV show Bigg Boss 11 grand finale will be going to help on 14th January 2018. 

Bigg Boss 11 Prize Money Details 2017:

Bigg Boss 11 winner in the house will also get a handsome prize money as Bigg Boss 11 Prize money and that is 51 lakh. But let see how will Bigg Boss manage this money whether he will use this money in some tasks or not. If no, then the prize money will be fixed and that is, 51 lakhs. But if Bigg Boss uses this money in some tasks then maybe it will cut down just like a Bigg Boss 10th season then it will depend on the game completely.

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Here is the list of all the winners of all the seasons of Bigg Boss show:

Bigg Boss 1 Winner Name Rahul Roy
Bigg Boss 2 Winner Name Ashutosh Kaushik
Bigg Boss 3 Winner Name Vindu Dara Singh
Bigg Boss 4 Winner Name Shweta Tiwari
Bigg Boss 5 Winner Name Juhi Parmar
Bigg Boss 6 Winner Name Urvashi Dholakia
Bigg Boss 7 Winner Name Gauhar Khan
Bigg Boss 8 Winner Name Gautam Gulati
Bigg Boss 9 Winner Name Prince Narula
Bigg Boss 10 Winner Name MANVEER GURJAR
Bigg Boss 11 Winner Name 2017 UPDATED SOON

Details about winner below:

Bigg Boss 1 Winner – Rahul Roy

Rahul Roy

As we know that Rahul Roy is a popular Bollywood Industry Actor and he was the first person who became the winner of the first season of Bigg Boss show. This season was hosted by the Arshad Warsi, and it was aired on SONY channel that time. But from the 2nd season, show starts on Colors TV Channel. Current or you called it as Bigg Boss season 11 and this show is coming on Colors TV Channel. So just get ready for the Bigg Boss 11 winner.

Bigg Boss 2 Winner – Ashutosh Kaushik

Ashutosh Kaushik

Ashutosh Kaushik- Bigg Boss 2nd season winner. This show was hosted by the Bollywood Actress Shilpa Shetty (that time, she was also coming by playing a game of Big Brother). She knows everything about this game. So that she became the host of this show. But now the show is getting more popular over the years. So that’s why people takes more interest in the show.

Bigg Boss 3 Winner – Vindu Dara Singh

Vindu Dara Singh

Vindu Dara Singh is the winner of the Bigg Boss 3rd season and this show was hosted by the living legend, Mr. Amitabh Bachchan. This was the deadly combination when Dara Singh and Amitabh Bachchan was coming together in the show. But this time Bigg Boss house, host, contestants, and theme. Everything has been changed and due to which the show is getting more interesting and popular too. So just hold your heart to hear about the name of Bigg Boss 11 winner.

Bigg Boss 4 Winner – Shweta Tiwari

Shweta Tiwari

Shweta Tiwari was the winner of Bigg Boss season 4. She is a girl who got a lot of fame and popularity by her some shows like Kasuti Zindagi Ki (Star Plus show), Begusarai (AndTV). She is the winner of the 4th season. This was the first time when some female became the winner of Bigg Boss. Even though, this is the first time, when Salman Khan hosted the Bigg Boss show.

Bigg Boss 5 Winner – Juhi Parmar

Juhi Parmar

Juhi Parmar who was getting popular by her TV debut show Kumkum. She has been playing a role of Kumkum. Apart from this, she won the title of Bigg Boss 5 winner. She is a very famous television actress as well. This time Bollywood actor Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt hosted the Bigg Boss show. But the Bigg Boss 11 is being hosted by one and only one Salman Khan. So just get ready to watch out who will be the winner of Bigg Boss 11.

Bigg Boss 6 Winner – Urvashi Dholakia

Urvashi Dholakia

Urvashi Dholakia, who was getting popular by her show Kasauti Zindagi Ki in which she has played a role of Komolika. She won the 6th season of the show. Salman Khan hosted the same show. But now just get excited to know about the BB Season 11 Winner name.

Bigg Boss 7 Winner – Gauhar Khan

Gauhar Khan

Gauhar Khan is very beautiful and an intelligent too. She has managed to become the winner of Bigg Boss 7th season and earned a name in TV Industry. She is a very famous TV actress. This season was also hosted by the Salman Khan. Now everyone wants to know that who will become the Bigg Boss 11 winner.

Bigg Boss 8 Winner – Gautam Gulati

Gautam Gulati

Gautam Gulati was the winner of the Bigg Boss 8th season by his deadly combination of anger and hard voice. This time, Salman Khan and Farah Khan, both were hosted the show together. Just get ready to know about the Bigg Boss 11 Winner name.

Bigg Boss 9 Winner Name – Prince Narula

Prince Narula

Prince Narula, was the winner of the Bigg Boss season 9 which was also hosted by Bollywood Hunk Salman Khan. Next, you will get more details about Bigg Boss 11 winner name here in the same list.

Bigg Boss 10 Winner Name– Manveer Gurjar

Manveer Gurjar with Trophy

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