Bigg Boss Marathi Winner Name 2018, Prize Money, Finalist Names, Grand Finale Episode

Bigg Boss Marathi Winner Name 2018, Prize Money, Grand Finale Episode on

Are you getting excited to find out the Bigg Boss Marathi winner name 2018? As everybody’s knowledge says that it is one of the controversial and disputed reality show which is known as Bigg Boss Marathi. This Bigg Boss Marathi show introduced so many new personalities/faces on an Indian Television plus commoners also. In the last season plus this current season, commoners also join the celebrities too. This is a show which mostly comes back every year and brings more twists and turns. Read Bigg Boss Marathi Auditions & Registration 2018. It’s really important to check out Bigg Boss Marathi winner prize money.

Final Result:

Bigg Boss Marathi Winner: Megha Dadhe

Bigg Boss Marathi Winner- Four Finalists of the show are:

  1. Sai Lokur
  2. Pushkar Jog
  3. Sharmishtha Raut
  4. Megha Dadhe

All the people who are coming to this show as a contender, they belong to the field of entertainment, modeling, acting, and Film Industry. This is all about the celebs. But if we talk about the rest commoners then they are an ordinary people who become a celebrity after to join this show. Finally, the Celebrities and Commoners will join together and then gets to lock in Bigg Boss Marathi house. They are completely disconnected from the outer world like they don’t have any cell phone, Internet facility, no letter, nothing at all. The Bigg Boss Marathi Grand finale will be going to happen on 22nd July 2018. In this show, Bigg Boss Marathi Elimination and Bigg Boss Marathi Eviction may happen every week which makes this show more interesting. Must Read: Bigg Boss 12 Contestants

Bigg Boss Marathi Winner Name 2018: BB Marathi Winner, & Prize Money Details:

This show may start this year and will end up in January. The duration of this show is about 3 months and in these 3 months, we come to know that which one celebrity or commoner is having a potential or ability to complete rest all contenders. These three months furnish or polish out the main face who becomes the winner of Bigg Boss Marathi or Bigg Boss Marathi Prize Money. Around 70% of the people are the fan of this show who takes out their precious time just to watch out the Bigg Boss Marathi show. Below is the list of all Bigg Boss Marathi celebrity/common people contestants of Bigg Boss Marathi house. Read New TV Shows 2018.

Bigg Boss Marathi Winner Name 2018, 1st Runner-Up, 2nd Runner-Up, 3rd Runner Up:

Bigg Boss Marathi Runner-Up Name List:-

Bigg Boss Marathi Winner: —–updated soon
Bigg Boss Marathi Runner Up 1st: —–updated soon
Bigg Boss Marathi Runner Up 2nd: —–updated soon

Bigg Boss Marathi Prize Money:

The Bigg Boss Marathi latest news says that the Bigg Boss Marathi winner prize money will be 50 lakhs. There is a most happening Bigg Boss Marathi contestants list who plays very well and makes this show more interesting day by day.

Bigg Boss Marathi Online voting through Voot official website:

Just check out the steps here below due to which you guys will come to know how to do an online voting through Voot official website. There are some steps which are here below.

Step 1: Go to the given official link just to vote your favorite contestant that is,
Step 2: If you are having an official G-Mail Account then you have to Sign in with your Gmail, Facebook or Twitter account to vote
Step 3: Select your favorite contestant by clicking on it or in front of the name and then click on the submit button to cast your vote.

Bigg Boss Marathi Online voting through Voot app:

Step 1: Download the Voot App from the play store either it is Google play store or given play store on your phone.
Step 2: Register your email or Gmail account by filling up the required credentials or Simply sign up with your Google or Facebook account too.
Step 3: Login with your registered account on the app.
Step 4: After the login, type “Bigg Boss Marathi Vote” on the search bar.
Step 5: Choose the contestant name whom you want to give the vote from the list of nominated contestants of Bigg Boss Marathi show. You have to appear with the images on the screen of Bigg Boss Marathi. Hit the ‘Submit’ button just to save your favorite contestant from eviction.

Bigg Boss Marathi Offline voting through a missed call

You can give a missed call on the unique voting number (toll-free) which is given to each contestant, and even though you can cast your vote for your favorite option.

Bigg Boss Marathi Offline voting through SMS

Type the contestant code in your text message box just to send it to the mentioned number. Apart from this, you can choose whom you wish to save from eviction in the Bigg Boss Marathi house and then send it to the Bigg Boss Marathi vote SMS number.


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