Bigg Boss Season 10 17th October 2016 Written Update Episode 2nd- Bigg Boss 10 Second Episode

Bigg Boss Season 10 17th October 2016 Written Update Episode 2nd- Bigg Boss 10 Second Episode on

The Colors Channel reality show Bigg Boss Season 10 17th Oct 2016 show starts with the scene in which Baba ji is teaching asan to Priyanka in the night and says to her that you are maintaining your body very nicely. Apart from this, your body is so nice. Priyanka says thank you to him. Baba ji also says to Priyanka that I will save you from an evil eye in this house.

In the morning, Bigg Boss plays a song ‘Niyat ko Tod Do.’ All contestants are getting wakes up and looking so fresh. After this, all contestants are coming in a hall room. They are sitting on the sofa where Bigg Boss is about to makes an announcement. He says to Naveen to read the letter. He is going in front of all people. He reads out the letter and says that all celebrities will work as servants in the house. Whereas all common people will live just like a king.

Like all celebrities will do all work just like to prepare a food, cleanliness, washing of clothes, and everything. Apart from this, all common people will use all luxuries and comforts according to their wish. But Celebrities who will work as servants they will not use all luxuries and comforts only by taking permission from the common man or kings.

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Bigg Boss Season 10 17th October 2016 Written Update Episode 2nd:

After this, Bigg Boss sends all vegetables, fruits, and so many items for the contestants. All people are getting so happy. So many people are running inside the store room just to bring so many items outside. Therefore, the Rohan, Karan, Rahul, Bani, and Lopa are dividing their works and starts to do their work. Bani is going to clean the pool. Whereas, Karan, Rohan, and Lopa are preparing aaloo paratha.

On the other side, Naveen, Priyanka, Lokesh, Aakanksha, and all other people are getting relax. They are talking to each other. Bu after some time, Priyanka asks Baani that why are you doing this? Bani replied that I was in the kitchen for making food, but Lopa came there and send me outside. She said she made breakfast for all people. So that I am coming here to clean the pool.

Bigg Boss Season 10 17th October 2016 Written Update:


India Wale gives their Nomination names:

Aakanksha Nominated: Monalisa and Rahul

Priyanka Nominated: Bani and Gaurav

Naveen Nominated: Gaurav and Rahul

Nitibha Nominated: Rahul and Monalisa

Baba Om ji Nominated: Bani and Gaurav

Lokesh Nominated: Monalisa and Lopa

Manveer Nominated: Lopa and Monalisa

Finally, Nominated Celebrities who are nominated this week to get eliminate: Monalisa and Gaurav

Now Bigg Boss says to celebrities that you people will nominate two India wale by doing your own mutual discussion. So that all India wale are going from there. All celebrities decide their two names for the nominations.

Those two names are: Manu and Priyanka

Finally, Nominated Name of this week are: Monalisa, Gaurav, Manu, and Priyanka. 

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