Chandra Nandini 11th January 2017 Written Update Episode

Chandra Nandini 11th January 2017 Written Update Episode on

The serial starts with the scene in which Nandini is coming in Helena’s room and gives an aarti to her. But Helena is not taking that aarti and says her to go from here. Moora is coming there and says that why are you doing this? If you won’t take this aarti then indirectly you will insult my tradition or culture. Helena takes that aarti. Moora is going from there.

Nandini asks what happened? Helena says that you slapped me last night and that’s why I don’t want to talk to you. Nandini gets shocked and replies that I didn’t remember anything. Suddenly, Chandra is coming there. Helena says that if you want to meet me then called me, why are you coming here? Chandra says it’s ok. Helena says that I am getting so excited for today’s night because it would become so special for us. Chandra says definitely, I am super excited too.

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Chandra Nandini 11th January 2017 Written Update:

Chandra and Chanakya are coming to meet Malaiketu. Malai welcomes them in his room. Chandra says that I just want to ask about an attack which was happened before sometime? Malai says that maybe that was done by Nand only. Malai gets scared from inside by thinking that Chandra might know about him. Chandra replies that no, Nand wasn’t had any hand in that. Suddenly, two sainik’s bring one man there. Malaiketu gets shocked to see that man.

After some time, Malaiketu asks that man who are you? Tell me who attacked our King? After to ask a number of questions, Malaik killed him. After this, Malai says that I am so tensed to think about this but you don’t worry, I will find out the real attacker man. Chanakya says that I handovers this responsibility to you that you will find out the real culprit.

Here Nandini is decorating Chandra’s room and starts to cry a lot. She thinks that why is she crying for her enemy? Why is she crying for that man who killed her all brother? Why?

Chandra Nandini 11th January 2017 Written Episode:

Chandra says to Nandini to decorate the room for me and Helena because we will be going to celebrate our special wedding night today. So that I want you to decorate my bed and room too. Nandini gets hurt by this but she decorates the whole room with flowers and all. After some time Chandra and Helena are coming there.

Chandra asks have you done your work? Nandini says yes. Chandra takes Helena’s hand and brings her to the bed. After this, he takes Nandini’s hand and takes her outside the room. Suddenly, he closes the door and comes inside. Nandini feels so bad and starts to cry a lot. This show would be getting interesting day by day. Keep watching this show.

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