Chandra Nandini 11th November 2016 Written Update Episode 25th

Chandra Nandini 11th November 2016 Written Update Episode 25th on

The StarPlus channel Serial Chandra Nandini will show that Chandra, Chanakya, and Helena are coming to attack on Magad. Chandra says to Helena that you will stay with Chanakya ji and not to come on fight ground. Helena says that I want to kill Malaiketu and that’s why I will be going there. Chandra says if you want him then you don’t worry, nobody will kill him. I will bring Malaiketu for you and then nobody will come in between your slave and Malaiketu’s neck.

Here a sainik is coming to inform Nand about the Chandra and Chanakya’s attack. Malaiketu says to him that I want to save Magad, so please give me a permission for this. After this fight, you will punish me according to you. After some time, Nandini and her badi maa are telling about Chandra to Nand. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

Here the fighting is going on. Malaiketu and all other sena of Nand are coming there. They are starting to do fighting with Chandra and all other people. Here Nandini, Avantika, and all other ladies of Nand Mahal are watching a fighting. But Nandini’s brother is getting injured. Sainik’s brings her brother in the mahal.

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Chandra Nandini 11th November 2016 Written Update Episode 25th:

His wife is also present there. Nandini is coming there and asks her brother about the bad condition of him. He says to Nandini that I know Malaiketu is a bad guy but he saved us every time from the Chandra and his sena. Nandini says that I want to see my father and my mahal safe. So that I am ready to marry Malaiketu.

After some time, Nand is making an announcement that they become a winner again. One man says to Nand that we need some money from the raaj kosh. Nand denies and says that  we will get this money from the Magad people and not to release out from the Raaj Kosh. Malaiketu is coming there.

Nand says to him that I told you so many bad words but now you are helping me again. Malaiketu says that I did wrong with her but I will say sorry to her and makes her ready for the marriage. Nand says that you don’t need to do all this because she already forgive you and ready to marry you. Malaiketu is getting so happy.

Here Avantika is talking to all ladies by saying that we again become the winner of this fight. Badi maa is sitting there and says that everyone knows that Malaiketu helped Nand in this fight. Otherwise, everybody knows that Nand was defeated by the Chandra definitely.

Chandra Nandini 11th November 2016 Written Update:

Here Chandra is getting angry on himself by thinking that he defeated from them two times. He thinks how he got defeated. Helena is coming there and she is trying to give an emotional support to him. She says to him that you are so strong and aimful guy,who will never get demotivated. You have to do fight with them again. Chandra says I have nothing to lose. Helena says that you are the only one who was talking to Sikander by standing in front of him. That was not an easy task. You defeated greek force alone. You are so strong. Chandra gets motivated again and ready to attack on Magad.

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