Chandra Nandini 12th December 2016 Written Update Episode 46th

Chandra Nandini 12th December 2016 Written Update Episode 46th on

The serial starts with the scene in which the Nandini is talking to her bhabhi and says that you don’t worry. I have already decided to release out Dhan bhaiya from here as soon as possible. Thereafter, he will take us also and we will live with Pitah maharak. Bhabhi says ok. One of the sevika is hearing this and she informs this Helena too.

Here Chaya is coming to talk to Nandini and asks her for a favor. She asks what? Why are you crying like this? Chaya says that please send this letter to Satya ji because I won’t tell this truth to him because he will be getting breaks down after to know this truth. Nandini asks what is this? What happened? Chaya says that Chandra fixes my alliance with otherboy. So that I won’t go against him.

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But before that, I want to meet Satya ji because I will talk to him. So you please send this letter to him at any cost. Here Chandra is coming there and gets Nandini scared. He asks what happened? I already give permission to you to read books, so why are you hiding something from me. He is trying to open the box. Nandini prays to god to please save this letter from Chandra.

But Chandra sees her face and smiles. He says to Nandini that I won’t see inside this box, so you don’t worry. These things are yours and you have to take it. Nandini is looking into his eyes and asks why were you giving me the permission to read books. He replies that everyone is having an equal right on books, knowledge, and study. So who I am to stop you from doing this. Nandini asks only study not love.

Chandra laughs and says that I never realize a feeling of love, so I don’t know what happened? Nandini and Chandra are looking into each other’s eyes. Suddenly, a sevika is coming there and says that Devi Avantika is calling you. Nandini is going there and starts to make a plan how to release out Dhan bhaiya from this mahal. Nandini informs Avantika about the secret way through which we will send Dhan Bhaiya.

Chandra Nandini 12th December 2016 Written Update Episode 46th:

Suddenly, Chandra is coming there and says to all that I am coming here to invite you in all the functions of Chanya’s marriage. Avantika replies that we are talking the same matter and also arrange some shagun for her. Chandra says ok, but I am coming here to invite you. Avantika says that you don’t worry, we will be there and fulfills our responsibilities very well. Chandra says ok.

Suddenly, Nandini thinks that Satya is waiting for Nandini’s letter. She is going there to hide herself. But Chandra sees her and he follows her there. He sees Nandini with Satya and feels that she is taking with her lover. He gets angry and going there. He shouts and snatches those letters from her. He reads out the letter and then scolds Nandini very badly.

Chandra asks her why are you doing this? Why did you hide all this from me? If you loves him then you have to told me before to get marry to me. He says that I will ask a number of questions from you in a hall room where all important people will present just to discuss this matter. Nandini gets shocked and scared too. He orders his force to arrest Satya as soon as possible.

After some time, Chandra calls all people in the Sabha where Chanakya asks him what happened? Chandra blames Nandini and says that you are characterless queen and you are doing an affair with some other man after and before marriage. Nandini recalls all the words which Chaya told her that if Chandra will come to know about Satya then he will kill him. Here Chaya sees letters and thinks that, Chandra takes Satya’s letter then why is he scolding Nandini like this.

Avantika is coming there and says to Chandra that my daughter is not a bad girl and she is a good girl always. Even, she never thinks to do like this. Chandra says that if she is innocent then why is she standing silent and not saying anything. Chandra asks Chanakya that what will I do? Chanakya says that this is your personal life decision that you have to think about this and takes a decision about your own.

Chandra says that I want to send Nandini out of this mahal for always. Suddenly, Chaya is coming there and says that Nandini is innocent and I have an affair with Satyajit. She is innocent. Chandra and all other people are getting shocked too.


Chandra Nandini 12th December 2016 Written Update:

Helena is asking some questions to Chandra. He says to Helena that I don’t think that I will answer you all these questions. Even I don’t think so and don’t consider you so important that I will tell everything to you. Helena gets angry and says that don’t forget Chandra that I helped you out in getting this king chair in Magad.

Chandra is getting shocked to see this thinking of Helena. He handles Helena in his hands and says that you will remember always that I become Magad’s king only because of my guru ji Chanakya ji. Helena gets shattered to hear this. Click here-> Chandra Nandini 9th December 2016 written update

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