Chandra Nandini 12th October 2017 Written Update Episode Future Twist

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The serial starts with the scene when the Nandini is going to Bheemdev’s room whereas Helena sees her and thinks that wow, Nandini is going to Bheemdev’s room and it means She is Savitri, not Nandini. She decides to inform Chandra about this. Here Nandini is coming in Bheemdev and Mohini’s room whereas She asks Mohini to make Bheemdev wake up now. Mohini asks what happened Savitri? How do you come here? Nandini aka Savitri says to Mohini that ok, I will make him wake up now.

Mohini is calling Bheemdev again and again. She thinks that where is Bheemdev’s soul. Maybe he entered in Nandini’s body and that’s why she is coming here to pull her leg. But suddenly, Bheemdev wakes up and then asks what? Savitri is coming here to meet me. Really? He wakes up and then asks Nandini what happened? She says him to leave this Mahal now because Maharaj Chandra Gupta Maurya is coming here to kill you.

Chandra Nandini 12th October 2017 Written Update:

Nandini is saying to Bheemdev and Mohini to run away from here right now. Otherwise, your life is in danger now. Bheemdev says that it means Chandra Gupta Maurya believes that you are my wife and that’s why you are doing all of this. Nandini says you just forget it now and concentrate on running away from here now because if you want to save your life then you have to run away from here. Here Bindusaar is coming in Charumati’s room and then asks her to come outside. Charumati asks what happened? Bindusaar asks her to come now.

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He brings Charumati along with him and then asks Dharma to decorate his room today because he will be going to spend his special night with Charumati. To hear this, Charumati is getting so much happy to hear this. She hugs Bindusaar and says that

Nandini says to Chandra that you have called me before sometime as Savitri. Now you are calling me Nandini. Chandra says that I didn’t tell you anything. But now you are breaking my rules like I told you not to meet Bheemdev before any final decision. Nandini says that you called me Savitri and then you took a slave in your hands to kill Bheemdev and that’s why I went there to inform Bheemdev that you are going there to kill him. Chandra asks why I kill him? Nandini says that I don’t know, you were saying this to me. Chandra says no, I think you are getting tired now. So that you have to go to your room and takes some rest. Nandini gets angry and then go away from there.

Chandra Nandini 12th October 2017 Written Episode:

Bindusaar says that only Dharma will do this pooja now. Charumati is getting shocked to hear this. Chandra, Nandini, Helena, and all other people are also coming for the puja. Now the pandit ji asks Bindusaar and Dharma to sit here for the puja. Charumati gets angry. Now the dadi says to Pandit ji to serve sindoor in all married women. Helena laughs and says to Nandini that I know everything like how are you feeling after to see this sindoor box because you are getting confused by thinking that whether you will put this sindoor on Maharaj’s name or on Bheemdev’s name. Nandini gets angry and the looks on.

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  1. B.e.rose

    Chandra n nandini r shown as brave persons, but we didnt see any bravery. Only cajolling. Helend n apma r succeeding in their evil plans. Till the end the truth will not reveiled?

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