Chandra Nandini 13th Februray 2017 Written Update Episode

Chandra Nandini 13th February 2017 Written Update Episode on

The serial starts with the scene in which the Roopa is recalling all the moments in which she was with Chandra. She thinks that she is falling in love with Chandra. Now nobody will go near to Chandra. He is only mine. Even I won’t let Helena come near to Chandra. In the next day morning, Chandra and Nandini are hearing some sounds. They are coming out where a man is fighting with her wife by blaming her very badly. He says that I want to take revenge from your father. He is throwing his wife outside the home. Chandra is going there and says that I won’t let it happen. Nobody can behave like this with any lady. One of the Magad people comes to talk to Chandra and says that we heard that you got married to Nandini just to take revenge from Nand (the former king of Magad). They are blaming Chandra back to back and he stands there silently. Suddenly, Nandini will come there and says that if Chandra married me to take revenge then I am not standing here in front of you by becoming a Mukhya Maharani. Even the husband-wife relationship is pious which may carry out without any conditions. Nandini says that if you have any other problem then you have to tell everything to Chandra and I know he will resolve your problems. Chandra says to that man like your all loss will fulfill by me and if you think that your father-in-law is responsible for this. Then, you will bring him in front of me. Nandini added that Chandra is living with me so much love and care. Even I am happy with him. Chandra looks ok.

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Chandra Nandini 13th February 2017 Written Update:

That man says sorry to Chandra. But Chandra says that if you want to say sorry then you will say this to your wife. Later Nandini and Chandra are talking to each other. Chandra says that you were handling the situation but we knows very well that I married you to take revenge from your father. Nandini says yes, you go against Chanakya ji just to provide me an education. Apart from this, you don’t see any tear in my eyes. Even you don’t see me in a pain. Then what kind of revenge you are taking from me? Chandra says you didn’t leave me for getting die. Then what type of revenge from me. Both are looking into each other’s eyes.

Here Malaiketu’s parents are coming there for Chaya’s baby shower function. Durdhra says to Helena that we are doing this function when any lady is going to give a birth to baby. Similarly, my baba will celebrate my baby shower function. So you will just see and enjoys the function. Helena looks angrily. Durdhra runs away from there. Here Chandra’s mother says to Nandini to bring dung here and then make ovals from that. Nandini asks how will I bring dung because it smells a lot. Chandra laughs and says to Nandini to bring dung from an outside. His mother is saying to Chandra that why are you pulling Nandini’s leg.

Here Amatya is coming to meet Nand and tells him everything about Chandra, Nandini, Chaya, and all other people of mahal. Nand says that if Chandra is not present in Magad then we will take over Magad as soon as possible. They are making a plan against Chanakya and Chandra. They will be going to kill them. Here Chanakya is looking tensed. Other people are asking him that why is he getting tensed? Chanakya replies that if king is not present in his area then enemies makes a lot of plans against them. Here Nandini is sitting near to the cow and waits for her dung. Roopa is also coming there and makes a plan to throw away Nandini out from Chandra’s life. Chandra is coming there. Roopa runs away from there.

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Chandra Nandini 13th February 2017 Written Episode:

Here Helena and her mother are talking to each other about Roopa and Nandini. Helena’s mother says that you don’t worry, Roopa will destroy Nandini at any cost. So why are you making this plan against Nandini. Only Roopa is enough for Nandini. Let them play together. Helena says you are saying right maa. I won’t think about Nandini. Here Nandini gather’s cow dung in a container. Chandra asks her that you know how to prepare a flour for chapati’s. Nandini says yes. Chandra says her to do the same procedure with this cow dung. Nandini makes faces and says that how will I do this? Chandra says you have to do this because you don’t have any other option for this. Nandini replies yes I know but what can I do? I never do this. Chandra says that you don’t worry. You just see them and then learn out how to prepare ovals of cow dung.

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