Chandra Nandini 13th March 2017 Written Update Episode

Chandra Nandini 13th March 2017 Written Update Episode on

The serial starts with the scene in which Nandini and Chandra are missing each other. Both are getting die just to meet each other. A song plays on behind this scene that is,” Ishq Me Aaye Na Kabhi Bhi Judaai, Na Tadpaye Koi Harjai.” Other ladies are talking to each other about Nandini’s bad condition that she is always thinking about Chandra. Here Chandra is seeing one monkey and recalled Nandini’s words like she called Chandra a very cute money. Here Chanakya is coming inside and says to Helena that Chandra won the war. Now everything is peaceful in Ujjain and Pind. Helena is getting so happy and says that finally, Chandra is coming back here after 4 months.

Here one lady says to Nandini to write a letter to Chandra if you are missing him. Nandini says ok I will write the letter soon. After some time,  Nandini completes her letter and says to Sevika to deliver this letter soon. In between Chanakya meets her. He says to the postman aka Sevika that I want every letter first which will send by Maharani Nandini to Maharaja Chandra. Those letters should reach me first instead of Chandra. Chanakya burns Nandini’s letter by saying that her love for Chandra is not good for our mother-land. Here Chandra is missing Nandini very badly because he didn’t see her face when he was coming out from the mahal.

Chandra Nandini 13th March 2017 Written Episode Update:

Chandra calls Madhav outside. He asks Madhav that how many days are left? Madhav says only some days are left which we will have to spend here. He asks what happened? Chandra says that I am feeling so alone and thinks that someone is waiting for me very badly. Madhav says I am sure that you will win every war. Chandra says yes I also know about this but I don’t know what will happen when we will go back to the mahal because a big war will be waiting for me.

Here all ladies are doing shopping in the  One Sevika is coming there and informs everyone that Chandra won the war. He will be coming back to the Magad tomorrow. All ladies are getting so happy. Moora says to decorate mahal with diya’s and there will be a big celebration. Helena comes there and says to Chanakya that I did my work. Chanakya says that you didn’t do my work, you just saved your husband.

Helena says yes, I mean the same. Chanakya says that if I love someone more than my child, he is Chandra only. But if I will sacrifice Chandra for the goodness of people then I  will definitely do this. He says to Helena says that you are Patrani and no it’s your time to spend every moment with Chandra. Helena is getting so happy. Here Nandini is thinking about Chandra. She feels someone’s presence. She asks who is here? Suddenly, Helena is coming there and says to Nandini to shift somewhere else. Nandini asks what? Helena reads out the letter and says that if any queen spend more than 3 months with the maharaj. Then another queen will raise her voice for her rights. So that, you already spend a lot of time with him. This is my time and that’s why I will shift here before Chandra back to the home. Nandini says ok, I will go from here. Helena orders to clean this room after Nandini. But it hurts Nandini hurts a lot.

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Chandra Nandini 13th March 2017 Written Episode Update:

Here Moora is crying a lot. Dadi comes there and asks her what happened? Moora says that my husband was getting die on this day and other side, Chandra was taking a birth on the same day. So that’s why I am confused by thinking that I celebrate this day or I am crying on this day. Dadi is giving an emotional support to her. Here Helena is doing special arrangements for Chandra in her room. She orders one of the special drink. Her mother is coming there and asks Helena what is going on? Helena says that I am preparing one big gift for Chandra because today is Chandra’s birthday. Everyone is planning hard for him. But I want to do something special. Her mother asks her about the gift? Helena says that I will take one gift from him and that is, a baby. After today’s night, everything will be getting changed.


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  1. V Vijayan

    1. Yes we like Chandra Nandini Romance. 2. Chanakya will understand the power of love through Chandra/Nandini. So he should accept their love. 3. No doubt Chandra and Nandini the best Jodi. 4. Nandini is the more beautiful.

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