Chandra Nandini 13th October 2017 Written Update Episode Future Twist

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The serial starts with the scene when the Nandini is about to apply a sindoor in her hairline but she recalled those words of Chandra when he called her as Savitri. She thinks that whether she saw a dream or not? She thinks that if that was a reality then I definitely get a proof here in my room. She calls Daasi and asks her whether she got some bhelpatra in her room or not? Daasi says that I have cleaned up your room and I didn’t get anything here. Nandini thinks that it means she just was an illusion and nothing else. But she feels bad because she shouts on Maharaj Chandra Gupta Maurya very badly by blaming her for this which was not true. She decides to meet him and says sorry to him.

Here Mohini laughs and thinks that they never leave any proof behind us. Suddenly, the Daasi is coming there and says that I bring your food now. Mohini gets tensed and thinks that she must have to check out what Bheemdev’s soul is doing outside. She asks Daasi where is Maharaj Chandra Gupta Maurya? She replies that he is going outside towards Garden. Mohini thinks that she must have to check out what is he doing outside?

Chandra Nandini 13th October 2017 Written Update:

Here Chandra is roaming here and there in the Mahal. He is enjoying Chandra Gupta Maurya’s body because Bheemdev’s soul is inside Chandra Gupta Maurya’s body. He thinks that he must have to enjoy a lot. So that he calls one of the Daasi and asks her to bring a drink for him now. Daasi asks what? Chandra says that don’t you hear me, you just bring a drink for me. Daasi goes away from there. Later she comes back to give a drink to Chandra. He is getting so touchy with Dasi. Here possessed Chandra aka Rajat Tokas is trying to misbehave with the Dasi because Bheemdev is inside Chandra’s body.

Suddenly, the Mohini is coming there and she asks dasi to leave the place. Then the Possessed Chandra asks her that why is she coming here because his body is staying there alone and she must have to take care of his body. Suddenly, Nandini comes there and calls Chandra. Both Chandra and Mohini are getting shocked very badly.

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Chandra Nandini Written Update

Charumati is coming to talk to Helena and tells her about her last night incident like how was Bindusaar doing with her? Helena thinks that when will she go from here because she is doing my headache. Charumati says that you have to talk to Bindusaar now because I need your help. Helena slaps her very badly and then says her to do your work on your own because it’s your responsibility to control your husband and to get your wife rights from him. Charumati is getting shattered very badly. Helena says that I am Mukhya Maharani here and you are no one to come to meet me like this.

Chandra Nandini 13th October 2017 Written Episode:

Here Bindusaar is sitting in a pooja whereas he says to the Pandit ji that my wife Dharma will do all the rituals of this Navratri pooja. So that she will bring 21 bucket water from the well for this pooja. Nandini says that Dharma is keeping 9 days fast then how will she do this. Dadi says that Nandini is saying right. Dharma says that if my husband Rajkumar Bindusaar then I am ready to do this. Dharma starts to do his work. Purohit starts the pooja. Dharma stops him and says that I just want to ask one question to dadi. Dadi says ok, you may ask. Dharma says that when a new daughter-in-law is coming in the mahal then her husband will carry her to the temple of Devi and this is a ritual. Bindusaar says that I don’t do this. Dadi comes there and says that you have to do. Now the Dharma says to Purohit to start his pooja. Here Chandra gets up and this time, Bheemdev’s soul is going back into Bheemdev’s body. Chandra wakes up and then try to remember about the past time but he is unable to remember. Nandini comes there. Chandra asks how did you get this injury on your head? Nandini says that you gave me. Chandra says no I never think to give any pain to you, we have to go to the Vaidya’s room and will do your treatment. Helena sees this and thinks if Vaidya comes to know that I am giving a medicine to Nandini then Chandra will not leave me.

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