Chandra Nandini 14th Februray 2017 Written Update Episode

Chandra Nandini 14th February 2017 Written Update Episode on

The serial starts with the scene in which Nandini and Chandra are coming in the forest for taking wooden sticks. They are spending some quality time with each other. After this, Chandra says to Nandini that do it fast, we will go forward to gather more sticks. Nandini asks him why? Chandra says that we need more sticks to make a food. Nandini is walking fast and try to take more sticks. But she is falling down very badly and she gets stuck in the soil water deep solution. She screams and calls Chandra for the help. Later Chandra hears her sound and then finds out her. He is jumping inside the hard soil solution and brings her out. After this, they are getting a bath below the big water shower in the jungle. Both are romancing each other by looking into each other’s eyes.

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Here some goons are kidnapping Roopa and brings her inside the Den. She gets scared by seeing that, goons are going to kill her. Roopa thinks that if she will get die then how will she take revenge from Nandini and how will she get Chandra’s love. Roopa is making a plan to save herself. She says them that I will help you in catching another person. You people will kill that person instead of me. Here Nandini and Chandra are trying to sleep. But Nandini is getting irritated by the mosquito. Chandra says that if you doesn’t get sleep then everyone will get wake up.

Chandra Nandini 14th February 2017 Written Update:

Chandra starts to do something just to save Nandini from Mosquito. But when he comes back. Nandini is sleeping and snoring too. Chandra is laughing to see her. Here Roopa is coming there with goons and says that Magad’s king-queen are living here. She is bringing those goons inside the home where Nandini is sleeping. Chandra feels like someone is nearby them. But when he will go outside to check out. But behind Chandra’s, goons kidnapped Nandini and Roopa is sitting at Nandini’s place.

Chandra comes back and asks why were you getting wake up. Roopa starts to do Nandini’s acting and says that I heard some sound. So that’s why I wake up. Roopa hugs Chandra and says that I am getting scared, please hug me. Chandra gets shocked and thinks that why is she behaving so different. What happened to her? Chandra says her to get relax. Nandini says that my ankle is paining. So you please apply a medicine over it. Chandra says ok but he is feeling strange from Nandini’s side.

Nandini is going to the forest to gather some wooden sticks. Suddenly, some goons are coming there and then catches Nandini. Actually, they are coming here to kidnap Nandini. Nandini screams very badly. Chandra hears her sound and then runs towards the forest. He sees Nandini in some goons clutches. He calls Nandini’s name and says that you don’t worry, I will save you from everyone. Read more-> Chandra Nandini 15th February 2017 written update

Chandra Nandini 14th February 2017 Written Episode:

Chandra says that you have to apply medicine on your own because I don’t want to do this. Roopa forces him to apply a medicine. Chandra feels so shy for doing this. But after to apply medicine, Chandra says that I have to go outside for a sometime, Here Goons brings Nandini inside their Dev. They are laughing a lot. Nandini asks don’t you know who I am? They are replying that we know very well that you are a queen of Magad. Nandini sees one child there. He is also crying a lot. Nandini says him that you don’t worry, I will save you.

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