Chandra Nandini 14th March 2017 Written Update Episode

Chandra Nandini 14th March 2017 Written Update Episode on

The serial starts with the scene in which Chanakya, Chandra, Dadi, Moora, and all other people are standing outside on the terrace whereas Chandra is giving a speech to Magad people. All people are doing a clapping for him. Nandini smiles. Later Chandra is coming into his room and says that I was getting die to meet you. Even I as not getting a single moment to talk to you. Suddenly, Helena looks behind. Chandra gets shocked. Helena says that Chanakya ji told me to stay here with you in your room. Chandra says thankyou to her because her father was sending a force and that’s why Chandra won this war. Helena says that I was doing all this because I am Patrani and that’s why I have some responsibilities too. But now I am going to say something to you as your wife. Helena hugs him and asks him that if she wants something from him, then he will give or not? Chandra replies why not? As I already made a promise to you. Helena says that I want a baby from you. As you told me that you would give whatever I tell you. So that I need a baby now. Chandra gets shocked.

Chandra Nandini 14th March 2017 Written Episode Update:

Suddenly, a sevika is coming there and informs Chandra that everyone is waiting for him in the Sabha just to celebrate his birthday. Chandra says that you may go now and we will be coming there soon. Chandra says to Helena to come with me. Later Madhav is coming in Chandra’s room just to check out with whom Chandra falls in love. But he meets someone else. She pulls Madhav’s leg by becoming as Mukhya Maharani. Here Chandra is sitting on his place. Chanakya calls Pandit ji there for doing some pooja for Chanda’s birthday. After this, Chanakya and all other people are giving their best wishes to Chandra. After this, Chanakya says that we are going to make some new announcements and you will hear them soon. One man starts to read out one new rule book in which all villages, people, farming, and all other things are getting good. All people are doing clapping for Chandra. All people are giving their gifts to Chandra. At last, Dadi says to Nandini to give her gift to Chandra. Chandra and Nandini are looking into each other’s eyes very nicely. Nandini says that I don’t bring my gift here. So that’s why all people are coming outside where I will show you the gift. All people are coming outside and calls all friends of Chandra there. Chandra is getting so happy to see them.

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Chandra Nandini 14th March 2017 Written Episode Update:

After some time, Moora says to Nandini that your gifts are always outstanding which left memories in our mind. Nandini smiles. Durdhra asks Nandini that how do you know all this? Nandini replies that Chandra told me everything. Chandra is looking so happy and that’s why she looks towards the Nandini very nicely. Helena says to Chandra that don’t you forget about the baby promise. You just have to spend today’s night with me. Chandra gets shocked. Later Madhav is standing with Chandra and says that, she is so beautiful. This time, Chandra is looking towards Nandini. Chandra says yes, you are saying right, she is so beautiful. Madhav says to Chandra that I want to marry her. Chandra gets shocked very badly.


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  1. Nirosha

    Chandra and nandini romance is really awesome. No words to say. Nandini is so beautiful. Chandra and nandini is the best jodi. Surely chankya unite the chandra and nandini…….

  2. manibharati bhattam

    The person who gives written updates english is so worst. He or she doesn’t know to form sentences. It is a torture to read it. Why can’t someone who is good in english write it. All the soaps its the same prob.

    • Birgit

      @manibharati bhattam Be grateful that someone will translate it. And if you have something to suspend, why don’t you do it yourself?

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