Chandra Nandini 15th Februray 2017 Written Update Episode

Chandra Nandini 15th February 2017 Written Update Episode on

The serial starts with the scene in which goons are applying tilak on Nandini and a child’s forehead because they are going to kill them. Nandini says them to leave them.  Here Chanakya is giving instructions to all people by saying that Here Amayta is saying to Nand that I think, our people already took an entry in the mahal. Nand says maybe but we have to wait for any indication. Here Malaiketu is giving so many gifts to Chaya on her baby shower function. She gets so happy. Malaiketu says to Chaya that you are my princess and I will take care of you always. Chaya says that I never thought that I get so many happiness in my life. Malaiketu says that

Helena says to her mother that I think, I have to go inside because I am not interested in such type of rituals. Helena’s mother says, Are you mad? Don’t you go inside and meets with everyone. Later a man is coming there with a big gift. Chanakya doubts after to see that gift but he doesn’t say anything. Here Nand is waiting for Chatrasal’s indication that he goes inside the mahal or not. After some time, Chanakya fires up that gift and then asks Chatrasal that who send you here?

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Chandra Nandini 15th February 2017 Written Update:

Chatrasal says that Nand sends me here. Chanakya says him to send your indication to Nand. Chatrasal gives an indication in the sky. Here Nand and Amatya is seeing this indication. Nand gets happy and thinks that it’s a right time to take an entry in Magad’s mahal. But Amatya stops him by saying that I am feeling something fishy like Chatrasal is in trouble there. Maybe Chanakya caught him. Nand gets angry. Here Nandini aka Roopa is trying to come near to Chandra which makes Chandra shocked.

Suddenly, some villagers are coming there to take help from Chandra. But when Chandra is going inside to take a rope through which he will help them out. Roopa scolds all villagers behind Chandra and sends them away from there. Chandra gets shocked to see this changing nature of Nandini. Actually, he don’t know that she os Roopa not Nandini.

After some time, Nandini is coming inside the room where she locks herself with Chandra. She is forcing Chandra to come close to her. She is behaving so strange and wants Chandra’s help in changing her clothes. Chandra gets angry and shouts at her. He says that if you want help then I will send maa here, she will help you. Chandra is coming out from there and thinks that why Nandini’s changing her mood time to time. What happened to her? Here Roopa is coming behind Chandra but she falls down badly and gets faint somewhere.

Chandra Nandini 15th February 2017 Written Episode:

Chandra is coming outside the home to find out Nandini. Suddenly, he gets Nandini’s mangal sutra and other related to stuff. He thinks that maybe Nandini is in trouble and that’s why her mangal sutra is falling here. He takes it and runs away to save Nandini’s life at any cost. But Roopa is laying near to him and gets sleep relax fully. She doesn’t know that Chandra is going to search out Nandini. Chandra is running here and there to find out Nandini. He asks all villagers about Nandini. But they are replying that we don’t know about any thing.

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