Chandra Nandini 16th December 2016 Written Update Episode 50th

Chandra Nandini 16th December 2016 Written Update Episode 50th on

The serial starts with the scene in which the sevika’s are serving kheer to all people. Helena is getting so happy because she did wrong with her kheer and then thinks that everybody will be getting hurt after to eat this kheer. But when Dadi tastes that kheer and appreciates it. Dadi says to Nandini that you made my day Nandini, you made a very tasty kheer for us.

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After this, when Helena eats the kheer and then starts to cough. Dadi and all people are getting shocked to see this. Durdhra is asking her what happened? But Helena is running away from there. Dadi says to sevika’s to see Helena and takes care of her too. Here Durdhra thinks that if you are doing wrong then you have to tolerate it. After some time, Durdhra says to Dadi that Nandini fulfilled all the rituals very nicely and only one ritual is left. Dadi asks what? Durdhra says that she deserves a gift. Dadi gives bangles to her. Nandini is getting emotional to see this.

Dadi is giving an emotional support to her and says that you are my good daughter-in-law that’s why I am giving this to you. Dadi says to Chandra to make her wear a bangle. Chandra says that you are giving this gift to her, so why don’t you make her wear it. Dadi says it’s my wish that you will make her wear this bangle. Chandra comes there and makes that bangle to wear her. Durdhra says to Moora that I think our plan is working now.

Chandra Nandini 16th December 2016 Written Update Episode 50th:

Here Dhan and Nand are coming inside the mahal. They are starting to kill guards. After some time, Chandra confronts Dhan and then Dhan is getting shocked to see this. Click here-> Chandra Nandini 15th December 2016 written update. After to heard voice. Nandini and all other people are coming there. Nandini calls Pitah maharaj. Nand sees Nandini there and says that my Nandini is here. Nandini is running towards her father whereas Chandra stops her by catching her hand.

Chandra attacks Nand and starts to do fight with him. Dhan, Nand, Chandra, and all other force are doing a fight with each other. Chanakya orders to take all ladies inside safely. But Nandini is going from there. Nandini is crying by taking her father’s name. After some time, Dhan and Nand are trying to run away. Chandra orders his force to catch them and not let them go from here. Here Nand is coming inside and catches Nandini’s hand by taking her with him. But Moora is coming there and catches Nandini’s hand and not let her go with Nand.

Chandra Nandini 16th December 2016 Written Update Episode 49th:

Moora says to Nand that I won’t let you go with Nandini. Nandini says to Nand that I won’t come with you. But you have to go from here now because I don’t want to see you like this. If you stay here more then Chandra won’t leave you, he will kill you. So that you have to go from here, I already lost my brother and I don’t want to lost you. Nand is going from there. She is getting break down and thne sits on the floor. Moora is giving an emotional support to her. Here Chandra and Dhan are doing a fight with each other. Satyajit is also coming there.

Here Helena, Durdhara, Chaya, and Satyajit are in the same room. Satya says that I am also going there to help Maharaj in this fight. Chaya says that you are not a yodha, you are a worker. So you won’t do fight with him. Satya says that when a trouble comes in the family then we automatically learn how to fight?

Satyajit is going there and then starts to do fight with each other. Dhan kills Satya in front of Chandra. Nandini is trying to stop him but Dhan doesn’t hear this. Finally, he kills Dhan and then Chandra killsDhan in front of Nandini. Chaya is getting faint. Nandini is getting shattered very badly.

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