Chandra Nandini 16th Februray 2017 Written Update Episode

Chandra Nandini 16th February 2017 Written Update Episode on

The serial starts with the scene in which Chandra thinks that he have to find out the child first instead of Nandini. He runs to find out them. Here Roopa gets up and thinks that she was falling here in finding out the Chandra. Here goons are about to kill Nandini by doing their lord pooja. But Chandra is reaching here and starts to kill them. Nandini sees him and gets so happy. Chandra fights with them and starts to kill them very badly just to save Nandini and a child too.

Nandini untied herself and that child too. Here goons are saying sorry to Chandra and say him to forgive them. But goons are saying sorry to him and wants one more chance. Chandra says that you people will go and protect Magad people in the forest. If anybody will get die then  I will make you responsible. They are making a promise that we will protect all people. Suddenly, parents of that child are coming there and  say thank you to him in sitting at his foots.

Nandini thinks that Chandra came here to protect me by playing on his life. Chandra brings Nandini back to the home. Nandini says to Chandra that I want to say thank you because you came there to save me. Chandra says that I was coming there to save that child before you. I know you are feeling bad after this. But this is truth. Nandini says that it’s ok. I am happy to see that you did your work first as compared to me.

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Chandra Nandini 16th February 2017 Written Update:

Here Magad Sainik’s are coming there to find out Nand. Here Amatya says to Nand to hide himself somewhere. Nand says no. Amatya says him to do this now. Sainik’s are coming there and starts to find out Nand there. Here Nand and Amatya are running away from there.  But In the night time, he asks Nandini to hug him. But she replies that why I hug you? I don’t want to hug you. Chandra says you were trying to hug my last night and today you are saying all this. Chandra gets shocked to see this. Nandini asks who hug you? Chandra says that all beautiful girls want to hug me then why you don’t. Nandini looks on.Chandra hugs her tightly. Nandini gets mesmerized to see his attempt. Read more-> Chandra Nandini 17th February 2017 written update

Chandra Nandini 16th February 2017 Written Episode:

After some time, Chandra thinks that he is having some problem in his mind because Nandini is behaving normally this time. Nandini thinks that she felt good in Chandra’s arms. I was feeling secured, good, and safe in his arms instead to get angry. Even I want to live in his arms forever. Next day, Chandra and Nandini are getting ready in their royal clothes. They are going back to the mahal. In between their way, Chandra and Nandini are thinking that they want to live with each other in a simple way forever. But now they have to go back to the mahal. Here Chandra’s mother says to Nandini that you have changed my Chandra and he always looks happy with you. So you have to stay with him forever. Nandini and Chandra are coming to their village home for some time, Where Helena is coming and starts to hurt Nandini by rolling her hand behind.


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    Kyun chandra nandini ka koi repeat telecast nhi deti Star plus network…phle repeat hoti thi 10:30am ma par ab nhi hoti why?pls din ma 1 bar to repeat dijiye

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