Chandra Nandini 16th May 2017 Written Update Episode Future Twist

Chandra Nandini 16th May 2017 Written Episode Update Twist Future story of Chandra Nandini. Spoilers & latest news/Update on

Nandini is getting one letter in which someone writes like he/she want to give some important information to her about Chandra Gupta Maurya. She thinks who wrote this letter. Nandini decides to go there to meet. She thinks maybe Chanakya wrote this letter. Nandini is going outside the mahal. Apma sees her and thinks where is she going in a midnight. She comes into the room and tries to make Helena wake up. Helena asks what happened? Apma says Nandini is planning something big and you are sleeping here. You have to wake up now and just find out what is going on?

Here Vishakha is making a plan to trap Chandra in her mesmerizing beauty which gives hangover to Chandra just like the cocktail. She is going in Chandra’s room along with Bindusaar whereas She says to Chandra that your son is getting notorious day by day and even he is giving some scratches to me. Even he is getting excited to play with me every time.

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Chandra Nandini 16th May 2017 Written Episode Update:

Here Gautami is coming to meet Nandini and then informs her about the reality of Vishakha that she is not the real Rajkumari. Even though Nand sends her to the mahal just to kill Chandra. Later Helena tells to Nandini to do preparations for Chandra and Vishakha’s marriage. Nandini gets shocked. Vishakha says to Chandra that if I am not Vishakha then you have to say to Nandini that she will find out real Rajkumari Vishakha in front of us.

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Helena and Apma are seeing Gautami and Nandini together. They are getting shocked to see Gautami there. Helena asks what is she doing here? Apma says you just wait and watch, how will I use this? Just come inside and then see what will I do? Helena says ok. Here Vishakha is coming near to Chandra and says him to see her scratch. She asks Chandra to touch her scratches now. He touches her and then Vishakha is about to kiss him on his lips. But Bindusaar starts to cry in between.

Chandra Nandini 16th May 2017 Written Episode Update:

She goes near to Bindusaar and then starts to make him relax. Chandra says that I am going outside for some work. Vishakha is getting angry by seeing her plan is getting spoiled again. She runs behind Chandra and hugs him. She says I am scared because I see snakes everywhere. She asks may I sleep int his room tonight? Chandra says ok, you may sleep here and I will sleep somewhere else. Vishakha says no, you may sleep here with me. Chandra carries Vishakha in his arms and takes her to the bed. He is lying over Vishakha. Nandini comes there and gets shocked to see this closeness of Chandra and Vishakha.

Nandini shouts. Chandra gets up and asks what is this? How dare you to come here directly? Don’t you have any sense like you have to knock before to take an entry here? Nandini says I want to talk to you now because this is good for you, Bindusaar, and for Magad also. Chandra asks what happened? Tell me. Nandini says that I want to talk to you alone. Vishakha says that ok I understand, I am going from here. Chandra says no, you have no need to go anywhere, he asks Nandini to say everything in front of me.

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